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Monday, September 22, 2008

More roadblocks

The auctioneer came by this morning and told me he couldn't handle the sale of my furniture. He gave me the name of another auctioneer who might be able to take it. I briefly considered just storing it, and talked to my son in California about it. He offered to come out and help me move it all, but in the end I agreed with the second auctioneer to be here on Wednesday morning to take all my furniture away. I'm not sure how I can last a week and a half sleeping on the floor, and I may have to get myself an air mattress. I have two deck/camp chairs and a small round table from the front deck that I will bring into the house, and with a kitchen, laundry, and bathroom I will do well enough. Now I need to do a number on my mind and tell myself it'll be like camping only more comfortable. Is there an end to this, and what can possibly happen next?

I have begun to wonder what it will be like driving a 1 ton truck and pulling a 5th wheel, from the standpoint of getting fuel. There have been very few gas stations selling fuel for the last week, and even the Exxon and BP pumps are closed. Someone told me today that Exmark, about a mile from my house, had gas to sell, so I drove down and got in a line that stretched out on the highway. While waiting to move up, the manager of the station came around telling folks that they were about to run out of gas, but I stayed in line and finally got myself $40 worth at $3.78/gal. I would have filled up except they were not accepting credit cards at the pump, and I didn't want to have to go back to sign for the purchase, so I just used the cash I had on hand. I'm surprised they weren't charging more for it, as I paid 4.20/gal at Exxon just a few days ago when more stations were still selling.

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  1. Good Lord, Marty, what has caused NC to dry up in the fuel department? Are you all experiencing a fossil fuel drought?