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Friday, September 19, 2008

Did a tornado hit here?

For as neat and clean as I kept the house when I was showing it to sell, it looks like a whirlwind has hit dead on! I've been boxing and labeling items and taking them to a storage unit I rented this week. Did I start in one room and finish it before going on to the next? Why, no!!! I have been packing things from different rooms and so it's almost impossible to walk through a room in a straight line. I'm making great headway though, at least for me. I'm having to take my time with it as I can only pack so much in one day and carry all those heavy boxes to my jeep, then unload them onto a cart and take them inside, where I finally unload and stack them in the unit. I bought small, medium & large boxes, but I think today I will ask to exchange some of the large for small ones which are much easier for me to lift. As the stack of boxes marked "For RV" grow, I realize I won't be able to put everything in the RV that I'd like, but I'll make the choice when I have to.

I think I will take a break on Saturday and go back to Tom Johnson's Camping in Marion, NC. I found what looks like a nice used Forest River Cedar Creek model, and the pictures show it to have all the features I want. I've ordered the RV Consumer Group pkg nearly a week ago and I sure hope it comes today. I know there are things I should be looking at other than just how nice it looks, and many people have told me that I shouldn't buy without checking the Consumer reports. I also spoke with a rep from Camping World in Woodstock, Georgia yesterday and gave him an idea of what I'm looking for as well as the price range. He told me it's a buyers' market, and promised to try to find me an RV + truck if possible. I am reconciled to buying used until I get the hang of owning, driving, hitching & unhitching, and all the many chores involved in being a full-timer, and I can always upgrade later.

I'm hoping the auctioneer comes on Monday to look at my furniture, and he thinks they can take it Tues. or Wednesday. That will leave me in a pretty bad spot until closing, as I'll be sleeping on the floor. I have already put my two folding deck chairs in the Jeep to take to storage today, but maybe I'd better keep them until last! I've had no word yet on when the work in the crawl space required by FHA will be done, but since I am having nothing to do with it I guess they don't have to tell me in advance. I felt I had given the buyers enough of a break in paying their closing costs so I am not paying another cent for anything, especially since I set the asking price a bit lower for a quick sale. My agent told me she thinks the newer regs from FHA are a response to the problems from Hurricane Katrina, although I don't know how that could apply to a house in the southern Appalachian mountains, hundreds of miles from the coast. They are probably enforcing the same rules in the deserts of Nevada!


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    As a matter of fact all of your children and grandchildren are pretty good looking. I've even heard tell that one or two of them might slightly resemble a very handsome uncle they have who used to torture them with a soccer ball when they were little kids.

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