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Thursday, August 21, 2008

What will I do first?

I drove over to school today and formally dropped my two courses. I'll save the textbooks just in case the house doesn't sell, God forbid, so I can re-register for the spring semester.

On the way back I went through an exercise that I find myself doing constantly. That is: if an offer on the house comes through tomorrow and the ball starts rolling, what will I do first? Unfortunately I can't run out and buy a 5th wheel or a truck until the money from the house hits my bank account. What happens if I find the perfect 5Ver and it's sold to someone else before I can pay for it?

I think the first thing I will do is arrange for my new address in SD. Then I will need to think of how I am going to send notification of my change of address to everyone, beginning with Office of Personnel Mgmt-Retirement Division! I will eventually drop Charter, through which I have telephone, cable tv & internet service, so I'll have to notify everyone in my address book of a new email. By the way, I have already added another email address in anticipation of the switch from Charter. It is: gypsy97@myRVspace.com. I don't get much mail there so far, but it is at least something to work on.

So if any of you readers would like to send me suggestions, you can try out my new email address. I know there will be important things to do that I am either not aware of or just forgot about. I've never completely dropped out of "the regular system" before. Even when I moved to Ireland I used the address of one of my kids, who also took care of banking & such, so this will be a whole new way of living for me.

I'll just have to start making lists, and I'm good at that. So that will be the first thing, and the 2nd will be to set up in SD.

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