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Friday, August 15, 2008

A lazy day just reading

I spent nearly the entire day yesterday reading other folks' journals/blogs. When I left off, Bob & Judy were back in New Mexico, and Robert & Leslie were just leaving Homer, Alaska. Today I will begin with Speedy's blog and I expect to laugh my way through most of the entries. I agree with those who say this is very addicting, and the list is growing for RVers I feel like I'm getting to know. Thanks to mrsgeek (Chris) I now know how to add a list of others' blogs to my page. I will do that soon, and will try to add pictures as well. Too bad I don't yet have a beautiful RV or tow vehicle to take a picture of, but I have a vivid picture in my mind!

1 comment:

  1. Gypsy,

    We've been RV'in for 30 years never more than 3/4 time for the past 5 years. Now we've decided to do less rving and have settled on a winter residence in San Felipe,Baja and a summer place in western Colorado and Rv traveling in between. Hopefully the best of 3 worlds.

    We surely enjoy your bl--,er journal very much. I intend to keep up with as many journals as I can and live vicariously in the fulltimers world.

    I like Willie also----Perhaps your journal can be named "On the road again with Gypsy"

    Be safe and enjoy......

    Larey and Rita