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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And another rainy day!

I think a good dent has been made in our water shortage over the past 24 hrs. I don't mind another day or two of rain, except that it is very difficult to walk two dogs along a trail in the woods twice a day, and catch them to wipe their paws before they come back into the house.

I had an offer on my house yesterday that was so low I refused it without even countering. They obviously expected that because they had another offer in waiting. This morning I countered it for my asking price, but I agreed to pay a chunk of their closing costs. They are financing FHA which I hate to get involved with, but we'll see what happens. I'm waiting to hear now if they accept my counter offer. I leave this weekend for 2 weeks, and all inspections are to be completed by the time I get back, with closing set on or before Oct 28. That really delays my buying an RV/tow vehicle, and I had hoped to be somewhere I wouldn't have to deal with snow until I get more used to living/maintaining an RV. It will be enough to learn all about driving, hitching/unhitching, etc., without worrying about heavy-duty winterization.

Also, I've decided not to rush the process, even if it means I have to find a motel that will accept me and my dogs for a month or so. I won't have much money to spend, so I'd better spend it wisely and be sure I have something I like and can live with. I look at Class C's once in a while, and while I think I could probably live in one, I can't picture the dogs there also, so I'm pretty much settled on the 5Ver.

The potential buyers are scheduled to return for a visit to the house this evening, so I have to do my daily dusting, polishing, etc. That spot on the living room carpet still shows. I treated it again this morning, but I don't think there is much more I will be able to do with it. Maybe the spot won't show if I vacuum the entire rug against the pile . Both dogs look the other way when I am trying to clean that spot! They'd better not cross me, lol.

I'll post again later today if I have any news.

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  1. Well, I will keep my fingers crossed for you gypsy. Hope all goes well.
    You have alot ahead of you. Mostly, good times....