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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Need a Name Change

I noticed that another RVer's blog is called "On the Road Again", so I will try to think of a different name for mine. I chose this one because I love Willie Nelson - the ringtone on my cell phone is "On The Road Again", except for my 3 sons which is the "Dukes of Hazzard". When I hear that I know it's one of my good old boys.

I was just ready to post this a few hours ago when I got a call from a real estate agent who wanted to show my house in the next 2 hrs, so I had to quickly clean, polish & vacuum. I'm keeping it pretty clean but because of dog hair floating around, plus the inevitable spider webs you get when you live in the trees, I like to go over everything.

I continued to read blogs & journals yesterday, and first on my "to do" list was Speedy's. He did not disappoint. Good thing the nearest neighbor's house is far enough away that they couldn't hear me cackling. Laughter is good for the soul and my soul is in good shape from reading Speedy.

One thing that struck me is that Mr. Speedy constantly mentions the fact that Sherri is so much better at painting, caulking, etc. I can see right through this deception, because my husband used to do the same thing. Once he replaced a window pane back in the days when you had to putty all around it. He did the worst looking putty job I had ever seen, so of course I had to redo it. Then we found out that I was pretty good at it so anything in that department became my job, along with painting and caulking. You guys are so smart in that respect - do a crappy job and you know we will come to your rescue and take it upon ourselves from then on, lol.

I guess the reverse happens also - I've only had to change a tire once in my life. Just stand at the side of the road holding the user's manual in one hand and the jack in the other, while staring at anything other than the tire, and guaranteed some wonderful man will come along and change it within minutes. God bless 'em!

One more thing, it seems that the guys spend an inordinate amount of time checking, fixing, and cleaning systems in the RV. I know this is a good thing to do, but how much of a good thing will I need to do. You replace anodes (I don't even know what an anode is), drill, seal, and probably use tools that I have never had. See, the thing is that I have no one to share the jobs with, and I don't know if there are enough hours in the day to do them all. I worry I won't have any time left over for just sitting and thinking, taking a nap, listening to bluegrass, and just being a lazy retired person.

I usually go to bed at night thinking "Dear God, what am I letting myself in for?", and the next thought usually is "Lord, please bring it on soon before I change my mind!".

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