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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Anyone need a good dog?

Yesterday wasn't one of my better days, but this morning I walked into the living room to find a huge mess on the rug made by the larger dog, Lady. She has only done that one other time in the nearly 5 years that I've had her. I don't think I can deal with this while I'm trying to keep my house ready to show on short notice. I've been working on the stain all morning, and I almost hope no one wants to come by today. So I'd gladly give this dog to anyone who would take her!

To add to my difficulties this morning I've been reading some of the RVer's blogs. When I try to leave a comment I have to jump through hoops for google to let me do it. I swear I must have several userid's & passwords with google, and I never know which one is the right one. I know that when signing in to your own blog you can check the box to have it remember you, but I want to make sure I've got it right, and when I get it right I can never get back to check the box! I like the format used on MyTripJournal and seriously think about switching. Maybe when I finally get my RV and am on the road again.....

It looks like it will be another sunny day here in Paradise. Sister Fay, where are thou?

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  1. Fay is down in Mississippi dumping 4+ inches of rain through Wednesday.

    BTW, You can click the remember password, it will not remember an incorrect password.

    Stay Safe
    John and Bridget