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Saturday, August 23, 2008


I woke up this morning and running through my head was the song, "Desperados Waiting for a Train". I thought it was sort of appropriate since I have one week to go until I will be waiting for the train that will take me on the long journey from North Carolina to California for my son's wedding. Also, by the end of one more week I will be absolutely desperate to find a buyer for my house! I'm actually looking forward to the train ride, and can't wait to see my four grandchildren, and by the end of September I will have 5 gk's! I plan to take lots of pictures and hope to be able to figure out how to post them. Another thing I'm looking forward to is getting together with some of my siblings - not all of them will be able to make the trip this time - but the older I get the more I treasure being able to be with them when the opportunity arises. I'm the oldest of eight, for those of you who don't know me very well.

I went to bed fairly early last night but the phone woke me up at 1 am! I tripped over one of the dogs trying to get to the living room in the dark, but made it in time. It was some guy who had obviously been drinking a bit, and who just wanted to chat. I searched my memory bank for a name to match that voice, and while I have had a similar call or two in my lifetime, this was no one I knew. I told him he had the wrong number, and the guy was so apologetic he wanted to keep me on the phone to tell me how sorry he was and to thank me for being so nice. Not at 1:00 am buddy! I was so thankful it was no one calling with bad news that I didn't even get irritated. Gee, I am mellowing to the extent that I don't recognize me any more.

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