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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A little of this and a little of that

First of all I don't "blog", I "journal"! Now that I've clarified that point I can get on to the relevant stuff, and that is my preparation for adopting a full-time RVing lifestyle. I search every web site I can find for a suitable 5th wheel and tow vehicle, although naturally I won't be able to afford exactly what I would like to have. As the old song goes, "If ya can't be with the one ya love, love the one you're with". I originally fell in love with a 31/32' Americana model, but the price is just a bit over what I can realistically afford since I will also need to buy a tow vehicle, so I'm looking at gently used models.

Last weekend I drove to a local Camping Center and walked through upteen models. The one that really got my attention was a Forest River Cardinal, Model TS33 LE. It has a lot of features that I like, including a computer desk, and the extensive use of wood moldings give the unit a very rich look and feel. It has a free-standing dinette which I prefer over the booth, is plumbed for a washer/dryer, and has the features you would expect in a mid-priced 5th wheel. I also found several of this model listed at a Camping World within 200-300 miles, one of which is a new 2008 model with the price already discounted, but I would offer even less than what is quoted.

I also looked for the Keystone Montana, which also has a beautiful floor plan, but there aren't many used models in this part of the country. So the search goes on.

Yesterday evening I had the first-ever potential buyer to view my house. After cleaning and polishing all day I took the two dogs to a nearby lake, visited Taco Bell, looked at the latest issue of Trailer Life, and killed as much time as I could. I drove back to see people on my front deck, so I drove on by and returned about a half hour later. I am anxious to get feelback. My house smells like Old English furniture oil, Lysol kitchen cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, and Febreeze!

My thoughts this morning have centered around one of my aunts who lived to be in her 80's. When she was in her 70's she traveled around the world, and soon after returning home she bought an old Volkswagon van. She drove that across the country more than once, and her sense of humor, frugality, and her ways in general have been a great source of amusement to my kids. This morning the thought popped into my head that one of my sons has made the comparison a couple of times lately between Aunt Artie and me!

I don't take offense to it because while my siblings and I groan when the subject of Aunt Artie comes up, my kids just loved her to pieces! Actually we all did, but she could be soooo embarassing at times. She was really a gypsy at heart though, and maybe that is how I come by it honestly. But I vow I will never, ever, save used paper towels from a public restroom to wipe the dipstick when I change my oil! This episode still sends my kids into howls and fits of laughter. When my daughter washed her hands and then threw the paper towel into the receptacle, Artie dove in and retrieved it, saying "I save these to use when I check the oil in my van".

I really want to drive to Alaska before I'm too old, and I have to believe I can do it solo - and I'll dedicate my trip to Aunt Artie!


  1. Hello, Sister-in-law.

    Great "journal." It's easy to imagine you in a rv. Have fun shopping! Bet you will find a bargain, assuming that the rv market is similar to the housing market right now!

    I never met Aunt Artie, but have heard a lot about her. She must have been quite the character.

    Keep on blogging. I will be checking back frequently!


  2. Hi Marty!

    Well, I finally have read your journal... and it looks like I'll check back often. Don't stop!

    I'll never forget the time Aunt Artie stopped at our house in Redwood City on her way home from the Philippines. She stayed with some nuns for a month or two, and brought the following: six stale dinner rolls, used coffee grounds (she said there was still a good pot of coffee left in there), and (of course) used, dried paper towels.
    Good luck with the house sale! I'll be watching for the rv to roll into town sometime. See you in a few weeks at the wedding!

  3. I just started reading your journal. I personally admire the Aunt Arties of life and today 5 years later, I'm sure there are many out there. I'm one in my own endeavors at saving our environment. I'm sure I'll enjoying reading your entries right up to this July 6th, 2013. Thank you for sharing your adventures.