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Monday, August 18, 2008

Wait! TODAY is Monday!

Today is the 1st day of my class in Cultural Anthropology, plus I registered for an online class in Archaeology. I was thinking about withdrawing from both since my future is so up in the air, waiting for the house to sell and deciding on (and finding) the perfect 5th wheel/tow vehicle for me. But I'm going to class this morning and give it a try. I can always withdraw at a later date if it seems that things are moving too fast for me to keep up with the course work. I need something to bring me back down to earth and reality anyway.

When I started back to school last year I told my kids and asked for their input - mainly, would I be accepted by the younger students. They were all encouraging, but my oldest gave me words of widsom: "Mom, just keep your mouth shut, and if the teacher asks if there are any questions with 1 minute to go, don't ask anything." Of course he knew I couldn't keep my mouth shut all the time, but I kept his advice in mind, especially when I didn't exactly agree with someone, but I tried to listen to their point of view. Amazing how well that works!

So if Murphy's law is still viable, I will get an offer on my house tomorrow, close within a month, and be on my way to full-timing, and my agonizing over school will OBE.

Here I am again, several hours later. First, let me say that the staff here at the home should do a better job of making sure I don't leave the grounds on my own.

All day yesterday I thought it was Monday, and was even surprised to find my mailbox empty. My Anthro class is on Tue & Thur, so I went to school this morning and sat down in the appropriate classroom. I knew I was in trouble when a man handed me a syllabus for a political science class. To make a long story short, I have to go back for my first class tomorrow. While I was on campus I stopped at the bookstore to sell back two textbooks from last year. When I attended college in the 80's & 90's textbooks were running about $45 each - now they are well over $100, but I got only $25 back for 2 textbooks! I would have kept them except I won't have room for them in my RV. See how I'm learning?

So the bottom line is that I gained a day in my life, and that means I am younger than I thought.

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