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Monday, August 25, 2008

Out, Out

I feel like Lady Macbeth this morning, but after I shout "Out, out, damn spot!" I can't remember the rest of it. Yes, I'm still working on that rug, and I'm seriously thinking about having the living room carpet cleaned, except that would prompt both dogs to seriously think about marking it with something foul. What is it about domestic animals that makes them do things like that?

We are getting a sprinkle now and then but the air is so dry that most of it evaporates before it hits the ground. The sprinkle doesn't even last a minute and then I don't hear it anymore. I'd go outside and do a rain dance except I think they would haul me away!

Well, I have a house to tidy up so I'd better not sit at the computer all day. I may post later, but that's all for now. I can tell you that by now I am sick and tired of living in a spotless (well, almost) house where I can't set anything down and I can't find anything I'm looking for.

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