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Sunday, January 9, 2022

Where did my enthusiasm go?

Thinking about it, I'm not sure how I feel about moving into someone else's new home.  I guess as long as I can choose how I want to arrange my space, and use my own furnishings, it might work.  I have little or no privacy here, so it will probably be an improvement.

Where did the years go?  I've always been self-sufficient and except for not being able to drive, I am still relatively self-sufficient.  I'm not sure I want to be out in the boondocks rather than in city limits, but no one really asked me what I want nor does anyone care about how I might feel.

I'm still financially independent, so if it doesn't work for me I will hire a mover to transfer my belongings back to a small apartment within the city limits.

A few minutes ago I rammed the top of my head into an open cabinet door, which may explain my feelings right about now.  It's not hurting too badly except I can't touch the big lump on top of my head, but I don't think my awareness has changed for the worse.  If it wasn't so early in the afternoon I would pour myself a stiff scotch & water, but I'd rather wait until a more reasonable time later on.   By the way, I don't drink much and never to the point that it makes me feel different, so I don't worry about a weak drink most evenings.  The "stiff scotch & water" is just a joke.  In fact, the way my life is currently going, I'm surprised at how little I drink!!!

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