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Friday, January 7, 2022

Something to look forward to!

I was talking with my daughter this evening about the status of our new house, and I found myself energized and ready to move into it.  I think we have about 4-6 weeks until it's ready - maybe more, depending on availability of supplies and workers.  The men working on the house have really been great - they have worked many weekends including Sundays to get the house built and ready to move in.  I'm wondering if they get a bonus for finishing it early, and I certainly hope they do.  The company is Lennar Builders, and I believe they are all over the U.S., and I'm happy with our experience so far.

I am still deciding what I want to buy for my new living quarters.   My furniture is relatively new (about 2 yrs old) and will look great in the new space, and I will treat myself to lovely new patio furniture.  But I'm really not anxious to begin another move so close to the last one or two moves!  I'm getting to be too old to keep doing this!  I can only imagine what must be going through Rocky's doggie mind!



  1. I am glad your future house is coming along. I do not believe the workers get any kind of bonus for finishing early, the contractor might, but it seldom trickles down to the workers who are usually undocumented workers, and are just happy to have a job.

    At least you will have help in the move and then after that you will never have to move again...that in itself is enticing.

    1. I would like to think the workers get their share as well. I don't know much about it, but I've been impressed that Lennar Builders has such a good reputation, and i would hope they treat everyone fairly. I certainly hope I never have to move again!

  2. At least your things are already packed well most of them. Happy your energized again.

  3. I'm so happy you will be moving into the new house soon. But just FYI - there is a huge furniture shortage which includes Patio Furniture. Your selection may be limited to what you can actually Find in stock & ready for delivery. You may also consider slightly used furniture thru a consignment store or Facebook marketplace or similar. Whatever you choose - either new or new-to-you ? I'm sure will be lovely & you will be happy while drinking your morning coffee & enjoying Springtime in your new Home.

  4. I'm surprised to hear that there is a shortage as there are several patio sets I'm interested in online. Maybe if I try to order them I'll find there is a delay in actual delivery! I think I have some outdoor furniture in storage that I could use in a pinch, but I wanted to buy a new set. I won't get my hopes up as I can do with what I have, but thanks for the "heads uo".