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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Just Call Me "Grace"

That's because I'm so graceful!  (Not!)

I'm bored to tears this evening and decided to open a  bottle of wine.  It has a huge cork in it and I couldn't even begin to get it out.  So I thought I would settle for a scotch and water, and fixed myself a nice drink.  Somehow, when I got it back to my room, I spilled some.  I don't know what I did, but I ended up spilling some more until the glass was entirely emptied on my bedroom floor!

I was really irritated because I only had a sip of the drink, but I had to mop that mess up which wasn't easy as it had run across a big section of the hardwood floor!  I got that done, but then I had an empty glass on hand, and I wanted that drink more than ever at this point.  So I carefully mixed another scotch and water and it is now sitting on my bedside table.  I feel like I really want a nice long sip of that drink, and am a bit regretful that I didn't make it any stronger than I did.  I usually have a weak drink, and it's just as well!

I think we have about 3 weeks until the big move, and while I'm ready to leave the place I'm in now, I don't know that I want to move out to the middle of nowhere.  I'd love to just go back to Rancho Cordova!  I feel so isolated, and if I could get some energy back so that I could walk Rocky every day, it would help both of us.  I feel so bad for him, but I just don't have the energy to walk anywhere.  Maybe tomorrow I will force myself!



  1. So sorry to hear you are not able to get out and walk Rocky. I'm trapped inside too and feeling the effects of ithe effects of it in lack of energy as well. It's just too darn cold here for me to go out. I hate being stuck here in the snow. I hope you're able to get out soon and get some exercise as I know it would make both of us feel much better.

    1. You are so right! I hope you can find a way to get out soon - you are so much younger and more active than I am, so I know how much worse it must be for you to be cooped up! Just keep thinking about spring, which is just around the corner!