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Saturday, January 1, 2022

The morning after!

Some folks just don't know when to stop!

Sorry, but I can't seem to adjust the spacing of this paragraph and photo.   Is it blogger that has changed, or is it me that doesn't remember how to do anything! 


  1. I am having lots of trouble with the interconnecting computers in the Internet today. You likely are not the trouble right now.

  2. i dont see a photo. just a white square.

  3. I have had trouble commenting before too. I see only a white square too

  4. Blogger has gotten to be a real pain, you might have to go to the top when you want to post and click on Font size and scroll down to larger or xlg I even have to redo it went I am already posting. If that doesn't work you may have to go into settings, maybe Donald can help you or one of the kids. You may have accidently hit a wrong key and it messed it up. I do this kind of crap all the time