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Thursday, January 13, 2022


I order all my gardening supplies from True Leaf Market, and not only do they have everything I want at great prices, they have the best folks working there!  I received this message from them today, so you will see why I love them!

"Your order is on the way

Your order is on the way to you. Track your shipment (below) to see the delivery status.

When your seeds were selected for your order, many of them were so overcome with emotion, they had to fight to hold back tears of joy (they did not want to germinate themselves prematurely, of course).

Under the scrupulous supervision of our Quality Control Officer, Taylor the Warehouse Cat, your seeds were carefully picked, lovingly packed, and meticulously inspected. Your order is now on the truck, on its way to you."

See what I mean?  That's trueleafmarket.com in case you'd like to see their website.   I've just ordered several varieties of tomato seeds, and can't wait to get them started.  It will be all I can do to hold off until I am in the new house (approx. 4 weeks).  I want to plant them in the ground where they will stay and hopefully give me lots of beautiful tomatoes! 





  1. Let the fun begin. If only in your head right now but soon it will be a reality.

  2. I see why you like the company you ordered them from so much, they even put a smile on MY face :D