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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Just a Little More Waiting!

In just about 2 weeks Jeannie and Donald will sign the final papers on the house, and I think we will have to wait a few days for the processing of those papers, but move-in time is getting close.  I have such mixed emotions about it all -

On the one hand it will be nice to have a new space all my own (except that I don't own it in any way).

On the other hand, I'm so tired of moving and living out of boxes - not even having a clue where some things are.  I believe that a lot of my belongings are in storage along with my furniture.    And it will be so nice to finally have my own furniture again.  It is still relatively "new" to me, about 2 yrs old.  For the last few months I've been using a four-drawer chest of drawers that belonged to my ex-husband.  It was purchased in the mid-50's, and I think we still have the entire bedroom set.  Jeannie certainly isn't sentimental and the style is definitely mid-50's, but I have been delighted to be able to use some of it over the years, mostly in a spare bedroom.  She will get rid of it in a heartbeat.  I can't let it bother me because I will take my own belongings into my own private space, and hope it all works out in an agreeable manner.  I absolutely have detested conflict all my life, so I've developed the ability to retain my own self and my beliefs.  I just keep my mouth shut and hold on to my own thoughts, wants, desires, and dislikes.  I've mostly done that my whole life, and in my own mind, I've come out a winner.  And that is what counts - not what anyone else thinks of me!

After not feeling well the past couple of weeks, I think I'm beginning to snap back.  I would really like to see my doctor, but in these days I am lucky to be offered a "video visit", which is near worthless to me.

Donald took me to Costco last week and I can't remember when I've enjoyed shopping more!  They had a sale on houseplants and I bought a 3-pack.  I don't know what two of the plants are, but the third is a pothos or similar.  I am intrigued by one of them - it has dark green (almost black) lower leaves, becoming a lighter green at the top half of the plant, and those leaves are green with a yellow section runing up the middle.   I will try to remember to have Donald take a photo and will post it next time I blog.  The other plant has slender yellow leaves with a green "stripe" running up the middle.  The top of my chest of drawers is completely covered with plants, including a snake plant that really needs to be divided.  I think that is my favorite plant, along with a gorgeous spider plant I have on top of a bookshelf.  Both plants are said to be air purifiers, taking in the toxins in the air and returning clean air to the room.  I like that idea!



  1. i need to learn that keep my own council and mouth shut... take it to heart.. who cares anymore? what i think or stand for.. no one as most around me don't think as i do. my son does, thank heavens...
    it must be exciting tho for you to have your own little NEW space something to look forward to..

  2. I think my kids mostly live by the standards with which I raised them, although times have changed and they've modified my standards to become their own. I sure agree with that, which is exactly what I did when it came to my own parents' standards. I want them to treat others with respect, and to be honest in all their dealings with others. Honesty and integrity are high on my list of desired qualities, and so far I believe my kids are the same.