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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Attitude Adjustment!

I'm going to try to do just that, because I know my attitude has a lot to do with my lack of energy and hopefulness.  Some things in life are just negative, but I hope to concentrate more on the positive from now on.

My oldest granddaughter, Jeannie's daughter Ara, left in the wee hours of this morning to drive back to her home in Missouri.  I will miss her and have really enjoyed having her around.  She brought her little dog with her, and the three pups have had a wonderful time bouncing around with each other.  (Not that I can really call Rocky a "pup"!) .  She is going to come back to help us move into our new house, which should be within a month or two!

I have gone an entire year now without having my hair cut, and need to decide what to do about it.  It's so easy to just pull back and tie up, and if I get it cut short then it will need to be trimmed regularly.  I'm probably way too old to be wearing my hair so long!

I believe we might be able to move into our house a week or so earlier than predicted, and I certainly hope so.  I will truly enjoy selecting things for my quarters that I need and/or want.  I'm going to try to get by with the furniture and accessories I already have, and enjoy picking out window coverings and maybe get a new bedspread with matching drapes.

Speaking of bedspreads, my daughter sent me the quilted spread I currently use when I was living in Ireland in the early 2000's!  I loved it then and love it even now that it is showing signs of wear, to say nothing of a couple of chewed spots from a certain animal whose name I won't disclose!  So I may just get coverings for the window and  sliding glass door to the patio.  I'm also going to buy new patio furniture, but other than that I'm pretty satisfied with what I have and just need a bit of something new.

Today is such a hazy day and makes the windows look like they need washing.  I think it's just the moisture in the air although it's not raining yet.  I wish I could drum up some energy, but so far .....


  1. I have found that exercise to keep my flexibility also keeps my energy levels quite a bit higher. My strength is not a lot higher but my get up and do something ability and attitude is a lot higher. So I move around a lot.

  2. I have my waist length hair still, in my mid 60s and have no plans to cut it. Like you say, it is easy to just pull back.