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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Looking Back

I just went back and re-read a few posts at the beginning of my blog.  I had just sold my beautiful place in North Carolina and bought a 5th wheel, and I was ready to set out on an adventure.  My dogs and I drove all over the country, meeting lots of people, seeing lots of sights, and I suppose  I don't regret it.  Sometimes I look back and wonder where I'd be today if I had kept a more normal lifestyle living in one place for a while.  But you can't go back, so here I am, and I'm glad I began blogging at the beginning of my last journey.

The supreme benefit of the blog is the fact that it has connected me with hundreds of people I would never have been able to meet and/or correspond with, or even just to read so many wonderful blogs out there.  Blogging, commenting, maybe a meeting here and there when I was traveling, has opened a world to me that I would never have known otherwise.  I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the kindness and encouragement you've shown me throughout the years. 

I will have to admit that once I wrote the first post I was hooked forever!  Now, I don't often have much to say but I'm compelled to say something!  I keep telling myself to quit now, but something comes along that I want to write about, and so it goes.  I'm anxious to move into the new house in less than 3 weeks from now,  and you will probably tire of hearing about it!  I'm anxious to take some photos of it.  I normally ask Donald to take photos for me, but I'm thinking about  buying a camera, or else a cell phone that takes good pictures.  I prefer a camera, because to tell the truth, I DETEST cell phones!

Since I started writing this post I keep thinking of a scene on my "maiden voyage" from New York to California - a long way to drive hauling a 35' fifth wheel behind!  I was driving through Los Angeles and recall having to keep veering off to yet another section of freeway, in all that traffic.  The stories you might hear about L.A. traffic don't adequately describe the horror of it!  But I drove bravely on and arrived later that day at my brother's house in Livermore, CA (about halfway between L.A. and Sacramento).  A lot of family were already there and waiting for me, and I had to have one of the guys get that huge thing off the street and into a vacant lot nearby!  I never did master backing up!


  1. I remember your posts from your early 5th wheel adventures and if I remember right, you also used a camper for awhile and hurt yourself on those stairs. That’s all a long time ago. Hope your next move goes smoothly.

  2. I enjoy your blog and I know that once things settle down you will feel so much better. Wishing you a wonderful new adventure. I read your blog all the time. Kathy Rousseau It's about time

  3. I think its great to be able to look back on the adventures you once had. I know I love going back and remembering the fun times. Why would you have regrets? You had lots of courage to drive that big 5th wheel! I think you did a lot with your life.

  4. Travel memories can be treasured for a lifetime and cherished.

  5. This past weekend I did the same, went back, and read some of my early blog posts. With my CRS, I was glad I decided to start blogging, and though at the time I had dial-up and other worthless internet services at least I made the effort and it jogged my memory of things I had long forgotten.

    You and I coincide on many issues and we have a mutual hatred of cellphones. I admire any person that can travel cross country especially hauling a 35-foot fifth-wheeler. More admirable is when you do it in rush hour and in Los Angeles nonetheless.

    1. Some people might call it the "height of stupidity" haha! It's a good thing I did it then because I sure couldn't do it now!