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Monday, January 3, 2022

This was the Worst!

It's been the worst year for my blog, I think.  I just don't have much to write about these days.  My health is deteriorating and my life is so uneventful and unexciting that there is nothing worth mentioning.

Here I am in the house belonging to Jeannie's friend, and I mostly stay in my small room.  I'm lucky to have a room - the girls have their things in the living room and sleep on a pull-out couch!  Jeannie has the other bedroom.  Donald and one of the girls usually stay at his mother's house - the girls alternate from time to time.  Ara has been visiting, so we have three dogs in the house, who spend more time in my room than anywhere else, I think.  Especially Tito - he likes me, while   Rocky mostly ignores me these days.

Our new house seems to be coming along at a rapid pace, and we might be able to move in a month earlier than we thought.   I certainly hope so, and look forward to using my own living room furniture, my own kitchen items & dining table, etc.  I've been looking online to find a nice patio set - just a couple of chairs, maybe a chaise lounge & a small table.  I really need to shop at a couple of stores and see what is available and compare everything.  My patio will be right off my bedroom, so that is where I will spend my mornings drinking coffee and watching the birds!  (I think I've written this before, so I'm sorry if I'm repeating.  Old age, you know!)

I have seen many New Years roll around and have enjoyed them for the most part.  This one has a different feel, and I don't think I like it as much as I used to.  I wish all the best to you in the coming year. 

After I published this post, I gave each of the 3 dogs a treat, but I set a special one aside for Rocky.  They all know it's there, and they are sitting in that "good dog" pose just looking and waiting.  It reminded me, wasn't there a play years ago called "Their Eyes Were Watching God"?   It may have been a book or a movie, but I can't remember anything except the catchy title.  So the dogs have that look of waiting for God to drop a treat in front of them!


  1. Some everyday bloggers run out of things to post. I have only recently started posting a little more but I guess that was for holidays. So I wouldn't worry about it. Once you move and are settled you may find more to write about.

  2. You may be having trouble with blogging because you think you have to have something special to write about. Nope. I and others are really happy to hear major events like feeding the pups treats and thoughts on what furniture where in your living quarters. Stories about how you are doing are important to folks like me who appreciate hearing about what is coming at us in the future. You have lots of helpful stuff to talk about with your massive experiences and we are patiently waiting.

  3. Your blog is the first one I read in my feed. Thanks for continuing to chronicle your life.

  4. Me too. I always look for your blog when I get up in the morning. I like reading about life, be it up or down. That's what friends are for. And blogger can be frustrating. We just want to hear from you.

  5. Even though I haven't followed your blog that long, I do enjoy it. I also enjoyed a few ham sandwiches a couple weeks ago because of you! Hope you eventually got your craving filled. Getting excited to see you move into your new home.

  6. You do about what i do!!! My best friend (in Iowa)of 43 years passed away unexpectantly in Feb and since then it is like there is nothing to look forward to, no one to talk to, to text and i have sort of just said to hell with it all. The most excitement i have is safeway, Costco or yet again another trip to the another doctor.. Got my affairs in order... that was exciting...
    We have snow, SNOW, but don't need to go out in it... just get Luci out or catch her so she doesn't DO in the house.... she is 16 and seems like a good idea to her!! Dont suppose i would want to lower my nether regions into the snow either, i guess!!!

  7. Zora Neal Hurston wrote a book entitled Their Eyes Were Watching God. I liked it very much. Life is what it is and as we all age I think Gaelyn's idea in here most recent blog to "choose happy" is what I'm going to try to do despite the looming potential end of my RVing WAY before I'm ready despite my age. And all because of random vandalism.