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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Warming Up

After a beautiful spring, except for no rain at all, I think we are in for hot weather in a day or two.  I knew it would come, but I am never ready for the Sacramento summer heat!  The back yard grass has turned to straw!  The yard is too large to try to water it, and since I don't pay for the water I won't use it for the grass.  When I mentioned it to Carmen after I moved in, she sort of smiled but her expression was pained - guess she was thinking about the water bill - so I never mentioned it again.

The house hunting is slow going.  I don't have the patience of a saint, and never did, and it's driving me crazy!  I hope I soon get some of my energy back so I can start clearing out the items I need to get rid of.  The trouble is that at my age I lost most of my energy, and the cancer treatments took the rest of it.  I'm feeling much better than I did a week ago, and hope I can look forward to better days ahead.

We are going to look at a model home tomorrow morning, and Jeannie & Donald will pick me up at 9:15.  I am growing used to lazy mornings so I'll have to try to get to sleep a bit earlier tonight.  Looking at the photos online shows a very modern style house and of course the furniture in the model is very modern.  The colors are all white and what looks to be light gray so I hope if they decide to go with this house they will put some color into it.  I don't know what is up with gray, but it seems very prominent in home decorating that I've seen in homes for sale.  To me it makes a place look drab when used as the primary color - I wouldn't mind a bit of it in the accessories.  I'm hopelessly old-fashioned and don't mind admitting it!

I need to take Rocky for a walk but the pavement is too hot - hope it cools off in an hour or so;  I'll walk him and try to go to bed early.  The back yard is mostly in shade now, so he's had a chance to go outside.  He does not like going out in the heat.  Smart dog!

I'll write tomorrow and give you a rundown on my thoughts of the home tour.  If it looks like they love it I will do my best to keep my impressions to myself.  On the other hand, I may end up loving it!



  1. Good luck on the house hunting.
    The reason you see homes with less green spaces is to save water and less Brown spaces.
    They have boots that would help Rocky's paws on those hot days.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the tour.

    It's about time.

    1. My only experience with doggie boots was when I lived in Ohio during the snowy winters. I bought my dog boots and put them on him - he would try to kick the boot off with each step he took. I finally gave up on the idea and he did fine.

  2. I hope Donald and Jeannie find a house to their liking soon...don't they have to move out in 30 days?

    Isn't Carmen Donald's mom? Looking forward to your impression of the house you will tour today.

    1. Today they found the house they want, but it will take 5-6 months to build it. We went through the model and it is beautiful, but very different than the style of house I grew up with. I would have an "in-law suite" which is plenty spacious for my needs. The rooms are smaller than in a regular house, but there is a living room, a kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom. What more do I need? It has a private entrance on the side of the house, which I told them I could sneak my boyfriend into my place! I would also have my own private little patio I think they pretty much have their minds made up, but if they "order" the house it will probably take at least 6 months to build and be move-in ready. I am going to accept and be happy with their choice!

      Carmen is Jeannie's neighbor and my landlady. Donald's mom is Martha (same as me - I'm Martha as well).

  3. When I say the house was different than the one I grew up in, I mean this house is all open concept. There is a balcony all around the upper floor and the first floor is open all the way up to the ceiling at the top. I casually mentioned that I could never have raised my boys in a house like that because they would have managed to jump down from the balcony to the lower level, or descended on a rope, or whatever young boys' minds like to think of doing. I mentioned this to Donald and he said that he did that in the house he grew up in, which had the open concept in the middle area of the house. I just had to laugh. Boys/men are all alike in some ways, aren't they.