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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Back to normal?

I hope I don't have any more troubles with spammers.  I have enough problems with Blogger - don't know why they keep changing the way it works.  I liked the old system where I typed an entry, that entry was read by people and commented on by some, and everything seemed to work fine.  Now everytime they change the formatting or settings I seem to have troubles with it.  It's not only a problem with Blogger - I'm noticing the same thing with my banking and other programs that I use.  I truly think there are too many programmers and they have to keep finding things to change in order to have a job.

I just want to go back to writing and publishing my blog, although probably not as often as I used to.  And to read the blogs of those I follow on a regular basis.

So if I get spammed again, then I think I will be tempted to call it quits.  We will see what happens, and a pox to those spammers who want to ruin things for everyone.  I honestly don't know what they get for their efforts - I guess being mean sob's makes them happy.


  1. You've got those idiots pegged perfectly but don't let their antics discourage you from doing what makes you happy.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Sorry to hear you have been having troubles. I was thinking I've had a lot less spam lately.

  3. I got hit by a spammer but it seems to be different from yours. The one that spammed me was saying something that had to do with Instagram. Since my comments go to moderation after a couple of days and I have not done a post in a while they were not able to post it.