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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Treatments start tomorrow!

I am glad for this day to arrive, although I usually don't have enough energy in the morning to get up and get going.  My appointment is at 8am, and it takes about half an hour to get there.  I think they scheduled me for 5 hrs, but hope they gradually shorten the time it takes for the infusion as they find out my system deals well with it.  I hate to think of sitting in a medical treatment center for all that time, but know it will get me one step closer to feeling better and recapturing a zest for life.  I will be getting the treatments every Friday, and somewhere in the schedule is a break for about 3 weeks, and then back to the schedule.  I can only hope it works as well as it did 3 yrs ago.

Today was actually a very nice day and I didn't even turn on the a/c.  I hate to run it so I never do unless the temps are really sweltering.  I love having windows open, hearing the sounds of the outside - the birds, barking dogs, and traffic.  The only thing I dislike are the sounds of planes going over - for some reason I don't like airplanes at all, nor the sounds they make.  That goes double for helicopters - those awful, noisy machines! 

So any positive thoughts and vibes are welcome.  I am very positive about the outcome of these  treatments, and sure hope I get a renewed purpose for life.  I think there is a country singer who recorded a song years back - something like "I'm too young to feel this damn old!"  If you recognize the title, please let me know who sang it.  I'm too young to lose so much of my memory!


  1. Good to hear you start treatment tomorrow. I know you have trouble with your eyes but maybe a reaser like kindle or Kobo from Walmart will help you while getting your treatments. You can enlarge the print to help you see and keep you occupied . Or even a note book so you can watch a movie or something you would like to watch. Just a thought

  2. It's a Garth Brooks song - Much Too Young To Feel This Damn Old and it is a YouTube video.

    Will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers that the results from your treatment with give you good health again. Take care and stay safe.

  3. Nothing but good thoughts headed your way. Sure am happy your treatments are starting so you can feel better. Let us know how your first day went.

  4. Hope all goes well and you feel better in no time. Will be keeping you in my thoughts. Take care 😍