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Monday, May 17, 2021

Most Beautiful Day!

I think today is the most beautiful day we've had so far this year.  It is about 75 degrees (F) with a light breeze moving the air.  I tried sitting out on the back deck for a while, but for some reason I feel better in the house.  I wish I could take Rocky for a walk, but I know better than to try.  I still have very little energy, and am unsteady on my feet.  Being able to leave the doors open makes it quite pleasant, although I don't have a screen for the back door.  So far I haven't been bothered by flies or other insects in the house, but they will  be here before long!

There still is nothing I can say about the move.  Jeannie and Donald have sold their house, and need to turn it over to the new owners by end of June/early July.  I sure hope we can find something definite as I really can't pack until I have some idea of the space I will have.  I don't remember moving being so difficult in prior years, and I've certainly done enough of it!

My appetite is increasing each day, although it will soon be Friday and another treatment that will cause me to lose interest in food.



  1. Moving when you have no idea where or what size is not easily done.

    Your weather sound wonderful. Still so windy here going outside just isn't fun.

    1. This will be the most difficult move I have ever made, and I've moved lots of times in my life. I guess I'm just too old for it any more, and I don't have any control at all about the move.

  2. Not having any control over where you're going to live has got to be so hard. Having a beautiful day does help make you forget for a few minutes. We are having quite a bit of wind and that's not fun in an rv. We also had a humdinger of a thunder storm. Its been so long since we've seen rain I forgot what it was like. Glad to hear the treatments are going good.

  3. It indeed sounds like you had a beautiful day. A large part of Texas is getting hammered by bad weather...severe storms, hail, floods, and tornados. We have lucked out only by having to deal with the humidity, heat, and winds.

    At least Jeanne and Donald still have a few weeks to find their new home for some reason I thought they had less time. I know it is difficult to do but try not to think about the move, only concentrate on your health. Your kids will help you when the time comes and I am sure they will not let you lift a finger.