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Saturday, May 8, 2021

First One out of the way

I spent about 5 hrs at the cancer treatment center yesterday, and will be going back every Friday for a few months.  The technician spent a lot of the time going over the treatment with me and answered any questions Jeannie or I had.  I think Jeannie is going to trade me off every other week, so next week Steve wins the task!  Steve will enjoy "schmoozing" with the techs!

Everything went well and I have no side effects from whatever they administer.   The treatments don't seem to last as long, but I'd rather go back every few years than to have hair loss, nausea, and many issues that cancer patients face.  It probably has much to do with the type of cancer I have.  

So today I took Rocky for a walk, and it was a toss-up which of us was more tired at the end of it.  I would have to say it was me, although I'm surprised that I can do anything at all.  I think the  best part of the treatment yesterday is that I feel so much more hopeful and positive than I did before.  I am going to get through this, and if I have to repeat it all in another 3 years, then so be it.  I need to live at least another 10 years for Rocky's sake!  On his walk he spent about 20 minutes sniffing the fence along the school playground.  That must be the main message board for dogs so I tried to be patient.

Donald brought me some of his protein shake powder - two different kinds.  I am really enjoying it with a glass of whole milk every day, and I alternate the flavors.  I've never been a milk drinker, but with the flavoring added and mixed into a shake, it is pretty good.  I might put on some weight but that's never been one of my worries.  I did try to put on a pair of jeans yesterday that I couldn't button or zip!  Most of them still fit though, and if I grow out of them I will just buy the next size.  

Hope you are all having a great weekend - our weather is beautiful and I have doors and windows open to catch the breeze.  I hate turning on the a/c and while I've been told it is more efficient to turn it on in the cooler morning, I don't want the house closed up all day.  It's going on 4pm and I may not need it at all today.



  1. I hope these treatments take care of everything! You have a great attitude in dealing with this!

  2. Good to hear your treatment went well and I'm sure they will all be good.

    It is getting warm here to but I'm just using the swamp cooler and it is doing a great job as long as the humidity stays away. It runs on a thermastat so it doesn't come on unitil it reaches the temp I have it set on. Like you I love having windows and the door open.

  3. Glad to read your treatment has started and giving you a more positive outlook.
    Be Safe and Enjoy Rocky's antics.

    It's about time.

  4. Happy Mother's Day. So happy to hear the treatment went great and you are on your way to feeling so much better. Our dogs were sniffers. Could take us an hour to go a couple of blocks.