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Monday, May 10, 2021

The Facebook Trap

Years ago I got on Facebook, but never really had much to do with it.  I never did like it, so a number of years has passed and I recently became aware that I still have an account.  I've spent several weeks trying to get rid of all the hundreds of thousands of "friends" I have acquired through FB.   Plus the person who had taken over my account.  What a rip-off!

I have tried to find out how I can permanently delete myself from this program, but can't figure it out.  I had been away from it for so long, another user had entirely taken over my access and no doubt my password, so I spent several evenings getting him off my account.  I still can't find out how to delete myself permanently, and if anyone has a suggestion I sure would welcome it.  As it is now, I go in and delete everything that has been posted, and the hundreds of names of folks who want to be my friend!

Now I know why the Eagles (I think it is the Eagles) wrote the song "Hotel California".  You can check out any time you like, but you just can't ever leave.  If anyone can explain to me how I can get out of Hotel California, turn in my key and be done with it, I'd be ever so grateful.



  1. Face Book can be a terrible place and hackers love invading other peoples pages. To get out you need to find security page there are 3 circles on the right upper side click on the 3rd one and follow the lists. Its hard for me to tell you how to do it but I think you will find your way. Good Luck.
    I keep my page secure and private but these days who knows how long that will last

  2. OOPs it 4 circle and its the one with the triangle that you need to click on.

  3. How to deactivate your Facebook account

    Click the upside-down triangle in the top right corner of any Facebook page. Facebook.
    Go to "Settings." Facebook.
    Click "General" in the left column.
    Click "Manage Your Account." Facebook.
    Select "Deactivate Your Account" and follow the written instructions to confirm your choice.

    I found the delete option under 'your facebook information'
    Hope this helps!