Eastern Utah
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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Rain and Snow!

I just took two photos.  One is from the back door showing the sleet we are having.  The second is from the front door, and all the rain.




  1. Is it normal to have sleet this late in the season in your area? At least you are receiving rain something rare for California and I suppose much needed.

  2. Normally it happens a bit earlier in the year, but we've had no rainy season yet, and no cold weather. "Cold" means different things to different people and situations, so what is cold to me would be balmy and warm to those in the north central and northeast states. It sometimes gets below freezing here but only for a short time and usually overnight. Days are beautiful!

  3. Overnight and through today we had 11 inches of fresh snow, a real Springtime storm. Round two overnight tonight and then round three tomorrow, Thursday. This puts us close to five feet of snow since December. To say I am so done with snow is an understatement. Today's high was 33 degrees.