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Monday, October 16, 2017

They're at it Again!

I slept late this morning - didn't wake up until 8am.  I looked out the window first thing and saw that the chemtrails were at least 2 hrs old, but I went out and photographed them.

Some of the chemicals look different than usual as they aren't in a straight line but seem to be disbursed in a large mass.   My apologies to anyone who is not interested in hearing about this - I am going to be adding  more photos to my blog as it is a way of keeping a record of what is going on.  I'm trying to mentally compose a letter to my congressional reps and senators and will attach the photos.  If I keep it up they might get the picture, although I'm sure they have been steered off this subject. 

On another subject, I learned this morning that the results of my test for Lyme disease turned out negative.   So that is a big relief to me, because once Lyme becomes chronic it is almost impossible to cure.  I really feel sorry for people who have this problem in their 20's and 30's, as life is going to be so difficult for them.  As I mentioned yesterday, at least I've had about 75 fairly healthy years to look back on, but I'm also too young to feel this bad and to wonder if it's all over for me.

I've lost track of the time this morning and I do want to get to the gym before I run out of steam.  I also need to shop for groceries in the near future - my fridge is so empty and it would be a good time to clean the shelves, drawers, etc.   Even the freezer is empty!  This morning I got out some grapes and cherries that I had frozen when they were in high season - they are still delicious.  

Have a good day, and I wish you clear skies!

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  1. I'm glad to hear your test for Lyme came back negative. Happy grocery shopping. Buy yourself some goodies.