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Monday, October 23, 2017


Things are always changing - just as I was getting to love the 60 degree weather and cold nights, here it is back into the 80's for a while.

While I looked for the meteors approx every 2 hrs for the past 3 nights, I didn't see one of them!   It's been a long time, since I was in my mid 20's, that I've seen meteors.  I'll just tell myself, "When you've seen one, you've seen them all".  I probably get more enjoyment just looking at the stars throughout the night, and traveling the skies with Orion the Hunter!

I'm so pleased with myself and the painting job I did on the replacement paneling, I'm beginning to think about painting the bathroom walls & ceiling.  It's a very small room and the biggest job will be to cover and tape everything so the paint doesn't splash, especially my new tile and bathroom fixtures.  I think I can deal with being on a small ladder, but it's getting down low and around the pipes that has me worried.  I don't like to get on my knees because it's so hard to get back up.  Add to that the problem that I have difficulty seeing well unless what I'm looking at is directly even with my eyes.  Maybe I should buy the paint and just get started, and do what I can.  I guess I need to buy a new paint roller rather than try to brush it on, although much of it will have to be brushed because of the small spaces.

At one time Ara was going to paint it for me, but she's gone back to PA where her old employer offered her a supervisory position with a very good salary increase.  I need to get back to doing things for myself as long as I can.  I did notice that I got very stiff & sore from the last painting I did - guess I stretched muscles that hadn't been stretched in a long while.

I really miss Ara being here and look forward to when she come back for Christmas.  At her age she needs to focus on career opportunities, and the job she had here couldn't match the one in PA for advancement and salary.

I don't know which is worse - the dogs barking across the street or their owners who sit in a circle and laugh & talk - one woman cackles and it could drive me nuts if I let it.  .  Everything can't be that funny, but she cackles constantly.  I'm sitting at the kitchen table now, so maybe if I move back a room it won't be so bad.  I loved it when I could keep the windows closed!



  1. Hate barking dogs. So inconsiderate. Being able to move on from them and cackling neighbors is a great thing about fulltiming. Glad to hear about Ara's good job. Sad for you though.

    1. There are many times I wish I could move on, but there are also advantages to staying in one place. I've always been a gypsy but couldn't continue it forever.