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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A different kind of sky

At first glance this looked pretty weird until I realized the sun was just barely beginning to shine on the clouds.  I really wish I could get a straight shot of anything from where I live without all the poles, houses, wires, etc. in the way.   As the sun rose higher it shone on the tops of the clouds first (making them look like half of an Oreo cookie?) and then worked its way down.  I think because the sun is coming from the east and has to climb over the mountains and foothills, it casts a different perspective - first from above and then eventually  over the whole subject.

I'm pleased with myself for going to the gym this morning.  I had planned to make a trip to Costco afterward but came home instead - I hadn't made a list and all I could think of to buy were sweets and snacks. 

I've been noticing pain in my muscles and joints for the past few days, but it seems to be gone today.  In fact, I feel pretty good and wish I could continue like this.  I've been tweaking my diet and will try to reduce the gluten, but gluten free bread is expensive beyond belief!  A loaf that is about half the size of a regular loaf of bread costs $7 and up!  Costco in Folsom was carrying a fairly good tasting brand but Jeannie told me she couldn't find it on her last trip there - I don't want to make the drive there unless I'm sure they carry it.  

I want to do some touch up painting in the house, but every day  I find an excuse to put it off.  I get sidetracked too easily.

I've eaten a very good meal for lunch and now I think I want to go sit in an easy chair and put my feet up.  I think I'm running out of steam, which I normally do every afternoon. 

Have a good day, folks.


  1. You know it's not really that hard to bake your own bread.

    1. I've baked break over the years, and even have been given an exceptionally good bread maker. I just don't do things like that any more. I rarely cook anything that takes more than a few minutes, and my pie making, bread making, roast cooking (etc.) days are over!