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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

On the way to Seward

The dog's name is Boz, short for Bosley.  He loved to be in the house with all the people but has to stay on the deck or in the yard much of the time.  His size means that he can get in the way very quickly.  They keep his fur clipped because he gets nasty things caught in it.  I loved the dog.  They also have a cat - not sure of what kind, but it is large, has pointy ears and very long fur.  I am not a cat person but I sure loved Boz.  (Click on photos to enlarge)

Seward is a fair distance away and we broke up the trip into many parts, stopping along the way.  There were marshes with boardwalks and a side trip to an animal rescue center which held moose that had been hit by vehicles, animals caught in traps, etc.  One animal was found limping along a road dragging its foot that has been clamped in the jaws of a trap.  One moose in particular looked ghastly but everyone assured me how much he had improved since he was there.   Alaska seems to be quite concerned with injured or orphaned animals but I'm sure they can get to only a relative few of them.

Some sights along the way.  It looks like rain, but we never had any heavy downpours, just a sprinkling now and then.  I had my rain jacket and didn't care if I got wet or not!

At the rescue center:  (This guy is plumb pitiful, huh?)

Some bears:

It looks like he's scratching an itch! 


We finally arrived in Seward, and Pam had reserved a duplex with 3 bedrooms each right on Kenai Fjord.  You can see the RV's across the street that stretch for a long way in either direction.  At one time I had thought I would enjoy driving an RV to Alaska, but seeing them packed in like this makes me realize it wouldn't be my style of camping.  I guess for the joy in being in Alaska I could do it though.  I did notice many, many Class C rentals.  It seems that rather than make that terribly long drive folks are either flying in or taking the cruise, and then RVing around once they get there.  It may have been that way all along, and I invite viewers who have been there to weigh in on this subject.

The RVers kept coming late into the evening and the strip of land was soon packed with campers.

The next morning Joe, his two girls, and I boarded the boat that took us down Resurrection Bay and around the peninsula up to Ailik Glacier.  It was a 6 hr tour with lunch served followed a little later with huge home baked chocolate chip cookies!

The water got choppy in places and I enjoyed the rockin' and rollin'.  Several passengers got seasick.  I also enjoy bumpy plane rides!  The big problem is that it was too cold to be out on deck all the time, and there was not adequate seating inside for all passengers.   I will show the photos I was able to take in tomorrow's post.  It burns me up to try to get a photo and all around me are outstretched arms holding their phones; they never stop and it's very difficult to even take a decent picture.  I deleted several because all I got were people's arms.  There is too little consideration for others in this world most of the time.   

This tour was the best part of my trip - actually it is difficult to settle on one part over another, but it was spectacular.   I saw things I have never seen before and probably won't ever see again, and that has to be a big thing to me.

 My timing has been way off since I returned, but opposite to what would be normal (Sac is one hour later than Wasilla).  I wake up by 6am and am thinking about going to bed by 8pm, although I'm trying to hold off until at least 9:00.  The apple cider vinegar worked, but now I also have big red marks all over my arms and legs - they are bruises and it seems my skin is so thin it doesn't take much to look like I've been in a war, and I feel so tired all the time.  It couldn't be old age, could it?  I had begun to think of 75 as late mid-life but I guess I'm wrong.


  1. I'm enjoying your posts of Alaska. That is one BIG dog - it would make 20 or more of my little puppies,weighing in at 8 oz, which I blogged about today w/ pictures -
    take a look at my precious babies. 75? That's me and I get so weak I can't stand up at times. Guess it is an "old age" condition. Getting worse by the day. Or it could be too much sitting at a computer! Keep enjoying your venture, Gypsy. Making good memories.

    1. I'm trying to spend less time sitting, but when you have no energy you just don't want to do anything else. I'm cutting way back on my computer time, but with no TV and very little internet there is a big void in my day. I'm going to a painting class next week and may try to take up painting (no talent whatsoever, but I hope I'll have fun!).

  2. Next time you go on a sight seeing cruise, don't take a bath or shower for a couple of months before you go, then you will not have to worry about people crowding you when you want to take a picture (grin).

    1. That just might work! I'm willing to share the space, but some people want it all for themselves.

  3. More fantastic pictures. I have always wanted to go to Alaska. A couple of us talked about a caravan but nothing has ever come of it. so I am so enjoying your pictures.

    1. You should compare the cost of flying to Anchorage and then renting a Class C, with taking a caravan all the way up. It's a looooong trip when you look at the map. Alaska is a gorgeous state and if there is any way you can get there it is absolutely worth it, IMO.

  4. Loving your pictures and reading your impressions. We may never get to Alaska because we won't drive up there and with Skitz getting old we won't leave her with anyone. That is one huge puppy dog. He really is a cutie.

    1. As I mentioned in my comment to Jo, above, I think it makes more sense to fly to Alaska and rent a Class C there. It's really worth the trip, but I understand about your dog. We have those precious 4-legged babies for only a short while.

      Boz would let the kids climb all over him. I just loved him but as much as I want a big dog, I don't think I could handle one that big in a small house.