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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Dentist visit

I finally got around to doing something I absolutely hate to do, and that is going to the dentist office.  I had a cleaning and checkup by the doctor, and it seems that I have lots of work to be done.  I think that is one reason why I've been so lacking in energy or motivation during the past 2 months.  It's been almost 2 years since I've been there.

I get pretty anxious over visiting the dentist, so in addition to the 4 amoxycillin capsules I took an hour before the appointment - standard for someone with heart disease or a stent implant - I also took a valium.  I get so stressed out about the appointments that I asked for an RX for valium to take beforehand.  One tablet (low dose) usually calms me down although I don't feel any side effects.  This morning I really felt the side effects, and it was a good thing Donald drove me and picked me up for my appointment.  I hope it wears off soon because I have a couple of things to do this afternoon.

For the cleaning the hygenist used a numbing substance on my gums, which really helps.  Trouble is that some of it ends up being swallowed, and you can just imagine what that does to your throat.  I took a sip of water and didn't even feel it until it hit much lower down the tract!    I have an appointment for a couple of extractions, plus need to have a couple of new fillings.  The dentist hates to extract teeth, but I feel that at close to 76 years old I don't want to spend the money and go through a lot of work to save two molars, even though I'll have to get a partial lower denture.  He says the lowers are much more difficult to get used to than uppers.   I will talk it over with him when I go in for my appointment, and after they can check with my insurance to see how much I will be responsible for.  I'm still paying my chiropractor.  I need some money for home improvements, and some for my own projects that make me happy.

Tomorrow I get my hair cut and I am ecstatic about it.  This long gray mop of hair doesn't do anything for my appearance, and it's also a pain in the neck all the way around - from shampooing it, to styling it, to brushing it, etc.  It gets in my way when I eat, and I hate the fact that I get whipped cream in my hair from my breakfast fruit bowl topped with the frothy white stuff!

Here is a photo of the shirt I bought at Denali Brewing in Talkeetna.

It looks like the hands in the picture are holding up a roll of fat, but there is just a roll in the shirt.  She is holding the state of Alaska!

Joe was over yesterday and we reminisced about Alaska.  I had no idea the state would make a major impact on me, but it sure did.   If I had money I would travel there at least twice a year, but I don't think I'd want to live there.  I'd like to spend a week or two during the dark, cold winter months, but don't think I'd want a steady diet of it for months on end.   

I think I have my mental faculties back so I will head out to get a few items I need.  I have spent so much on art and art supplies that I will need to carefully monitor my funds up to the end of the month.  I am so happy about the art classes coming up and really look forward to having something to do, in just a small enough group, that will challenge me and hopefully boost my self esteem.  I've never had a real problem with self-esteem, although when it comes to creativity in art I have never given myself any credit at all.  Knowing I'm good in other things takes the sting at being at the end of the line when they were handing out art talent!


  1. Oh I hate to hear that about your teeth. I know people who have had a terrible times with lower partials. I hope he can do something else for you. We had what is known as "Painless" dentists. They give you something to relax you right in the office and it wears off quickly. I think having my teeth cleaned twice a year has really helped me have no dental problems. Good for you and the art supplies. As our tomorrows become fewer and fewer, it's more important than ever to do and have things that make you happy now.

    1. This dentist hates to pull any teeth especially lowers. At my age I just don't see the cost benefit of getting more extensive work done and then very costly crown to go on top of it.

      Another package came from Ara today (this is the 3rd) - it is a set of "Wet Canvas Clip Carriers". She is determined I am going to have everything I need!

  2. Neat shirt and I should find me a dentist. The one I used to go to now only takes kids. Hay, I am a kid at heart.

    1. Maybe you could stomp your foot, whine, and act scared, but I think the beard would be a tip-off that you ain't a kid!

      I remember when my late brother-in-law was waiting in the hospital for a heart transplant they wouldn't do it until he had dental cleaning done. I didn't realize then that it is one of the things that can wreck your heart. He got his teeth cleaned in the hospital but didn't get the transplant in time.

      I have been having extreme fatigue as well as some other symptoms of heart disease, and maybe it's all in my mind but I sure feel better this afternoon!

  3. I also and not fond of going to the dentist but I really need to go to. I don't want any fancy stuff done either just do what needs to be done and cheaply.

    Love you shirt. I would love to move to the mountains, but then think do you really want to be in that cold? Maybe like you said just to experience it for a little while.

    You seem very excited about your art and you granddaughter sure is getting you started. Have fun with it.

    1. I don't think I would mind trying a winter in the cold, but in Alaska it is super frigid plus dark, so I might like to visit for a couple of weeks but not live there.

      I am excited about the art classes and don't know if I mentioned that I signed up for the free class in drawing (the other one was painting). I have never been able to draw, but then with a new outlook on life I might just try it again.

  4. I hate going to the dentist but I need to schedule an appointment soon.

    I think it was either Tuesday or Wednesday night (all days seem the same to me) I was watching the DIY channel and they had a series on people that move to Alaska and the cabins and or homes they build.

    I know you have no plans of moving there but I could not help but think of you when I saw the breathtaking views.