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Friday, August 26, 2016

Fizzled out on Friday!

After changing the sheets on my bed, doing two loads of laundry, and cleaning the second venetian blind in the kitchen, I'm plumb worn out!  Oh, and I walked at the gym first thing this morning.

The second set of blinds was closest to the street and maybe that is why it was so much dirtier.    I know I dusted them before, but don't remember washing the slats and they really needed it.  I eventually want to replace that huge window with a more modern set - maybe two windows side by side, with decent screens and easy to wash inside and out.  The jalousie windows have screens (that are full of holes), but the knobs that turn the windows out and closed fit through a hole cut into the screen (I'm not kidding).  I'm afraid if I take the knob off to get the screen out to clean it, I'll never be able to open or close the window again.  Half the windows in this house don't work, and half don't have screens anymore.  The handles that turn the windows are mostly shot!

In my walks around the park I noticed another vacant space - there are two within close proximity to my house that recently had the houses removed and hauled away, leaving huge piles of debris that still hasn't been cleaned up.  I have the feeling the Park owner's want to sell the property and of course they want rents to be high and everything looking fairly modern and well kept.  The older units from the 1960's and thereabouts can be well taken care of but they certainly show their age.  I would think once you try to move an old model it would just fall apart and I'm not sure you could set it up somewhere else, provided you could find a place that would allow it.  If I was ever told my unit was too old I would just move to an apartment and be done with it, although I hope that doesn't happen.  My utilities are really low here because I buy them from the Park, who purchases them at a much lower rate from the utility.   My total utilities usually run around $100/month, more or less, but I am very conservative with usage.  The new water-saving devices in my bathroom are wonderful and I don't notice a lack of sufficient water for any reason.

I was craving ice cream last night but avoided going out to get some, and I still crave an ice cream sandwich or a Klondike bar.  Wonder if I will be able to outlast the cravings for another day.

When I was at the laundry room folding the clothes that I had hung out, a neighbor from one street over (right across the dog park) said hi to me and then told me, "You have a very nice family.  I see them there a lot".  I thought that was so thoughtful of him to say it.

My electric bill was just under $40 for the past month - I've had to run the swamp cooler from early afternoon into the evening hours lately.  I try to unplug all appliances overnight, which eliminates most of the phantom power.  When I get up it has been in the mid-50's this week, which is deliciously cold!  Then it goes and ruins the feeling by rising up close to 90!

I still haven't gotten the leaf blower out to clean up some of the mess in my yard but I'm not going out in the heat of the day, and I think more of my neighbors than to run that loud thing early in the day.   Maybe tomorrow, although I should probably wait until next Wednesday or so when it's expected to go "down" into the mid-80's.

A great weekend to all of you!


  1. Don't think the park owner will be able to sell it with piles of debris around. Hope they don't sell because that nearly always means a raise in the cost of absolutely everything associated with living there. Your windows really do sound terrible. Sorry to hear about them.

    1. The empty lot in the opposite direction from the two, has been cleared out and is ready for a new home. I think if necessary the Park will put a new home in the spaces and sell them if they can. They won't leave 3 vacant lots if they have a serious buyer but of course selling a mobile home park is a business deal and I don't know what they will do.

      I have planned to replace the windows one by one. My travels got in the way of those plans for several years, but maybe it is time I do something about them.

  2. When I was looking for a place to move to 15 yrs ago I wanted to move my mobile to this place. They wouldn't let me bring it in they said it was to old. So I had to buy another one that was already here. I loved my other place but the park was horrible. And I own my lot and my mobile now. But sounds like you have a really good deal going there with your utilities.

    1. The utilities are probably what keeps me here. I would pay at least $100/mo electric in an apartment. Water charges are ridiculous though - my water this month was $5, but sewer & storm drain are close to $50. Then I have to pay for trash pickup and that is about $23. So the actual utilities are not expensive but it's the fees they tack on.

      If I could afford a house on a private lot I'd go back to that but only if I could afford to pay for all yard work and maintenance.