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Sunday, July 5, 2015

A blazing 4th of July

It just keeps getting hotter and more uncomfortable, although today is supposed to be breezy.  Just what we need, a hot breeze.  The Delta breeze cooled things off enough overnight that at nearly 10 am, I'm wearing a sweat shirt!

My granddaughter, Ara, scored on airline tickets this week.  She was supposed to leave on Wednesday but they were paying a nice amount to anyone who would give up their seat.  Since she didn't have to be at work until next week, she accepted the bonus.  When she went back to the airport for her substitute flight, the same thing happened, and she got yet another good bonus for giving up her seat.  I believe she will be leaving this evening, but it's been fun for her to be with family as well as see her old friends.

Jeannie, Ara, and I went to the market yesterday morning, then brought back all the lovely produce to be run through the juicer.  I had bought a dozen pint mason jars in which to keep it - you can store it in the fridge for up to three days.  We had fun deciding what flavors to blend, and while Ara did the work of running the juicer, I prepped the fruits & veggies and did a constant cleanup.  It is no doubt worthwhile from a nutritional standpoint, but it sure is a lot of work and mess to deal with.  I might just do a day or two at a time at the most; although it would probably just cut the time by a little bit, there will still be pretty much work to do.  I'm so committed to following the recommendations of Dr. Bergman and Dr. G. here in Sacramento, that I'm willing to go to the max.   I know the time will eventually come when I can relax the routine a little.

After the morning's work they went back home to get ready to attend a pool party at Joe & Sarah's new house.  I debated whether or not to go - my swim suit doesn't fit right and I couldn't find a replacement at Costco.  Also, I'm really depleted of energy by the long drive and miles I've covered, but I decided to go for a little while and leave before dark.  They were going to do fireworks which I really don't like anyway.

While preparing my contribution to the food for the party, I was slicing tomatos for caprese - tomato slice, soft mozzarella, and basil leaf.  I had sharpened my Japanese knife and wouldn't you know I cut my finger.  It bled so badly I could hardly think what to do.  I finally applied pressure for long enough that the bleeding stopped and I got a band aid wrapped around my finger.  I am dangerously low on band aids by the way.

The pressure of the band aid caused my finger to balloon out below where the cut was wrapped, so I removed the band aid and the bleeding started up again.  I found another band aid, and was "mopping up" the blood with a large piece of toilet paper - I was still holding the toilet paper when I tried to put the new band aid on, and it stuck to the toilet paper.  So there I was like a one-armed paper-hanger, trying to remove bits of toilet paper, watching my life's blood drip out of me!  I finally got my act together and eventually found a few more bandages in my camping supplies.

I had not yet taken a shower, but my finger hurt so badly I gave up on washing my hair before I even started, and just stood in the warm water holding my left arm up in the air and out of the water, hoping I'd magically get clean enough to get dressed and go out for the afternoon.  I eventually made it, and while I tried to stay in the shade as much as possible, I ended up with a terrific sunburn (I rarely use sunscreen).  Fortunately I have a lot of aloe plants, and managed to smear a lot of the sap from one of the leaves over the burned area.  This morning I feel pretty good although I'm just taking it easy today.


  1. Use cayenne pepper to stop bleeding immediately. It seems it would burn like fire but it doesn't whatsoever. When my mother was still living she was on blood thinner and I put a little jar of it (just as you'd buy in the spice aisle at the grocery) in her glove compartment in her car in case she was cut somehow while out and about, and in the kitchen as well as the bathroom. I keep it in mine as well. Just dump it straight on the cut and don't skimp - you'll want to really cover it. The bleeding will stop. Then I shake the excess off and put my bandaid on. Just be certain you don't touch your eyes, and when you can rinse your cut (bandaid and all) to get the residual powder of pepper off from the edges. Works like a charm with no pain at all.

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  3. I never heard that cayenne pepper would stop bleeding. I will try it next time I cut myself. . . OK, I hope that there will not be a next time, but if there is, I now know what to do.

  4. When I get a cut I sometimes use either a small piece of papertowel or even a kleenex and fasten that with scotch tape. Works well for me.

  5. Sounds like a nasty cut. I think I heard about this cayenne pepper somewhere esle. Better put band aids on your shopping list and the cayenne pepper too. I might add that to my list as well