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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Restful weekend

For the most part I didn't do much of anything this weekend, and tried to get some much needed rest.   I think I'm just plain tired, and my muscles are sore from two of the exercises 
Dr.G gave me.  I love doing them and can see such immediate results, but the muscles I'm using have gone a long time without being challenged.

After some delightful days in the 80's we are now spiraling up into the 90's, and depending on which weather report I look at it could be 100 by Thursday.  Of course it could over-ride the weather reports and get to 100 tomorrow.

I think I may finally have the water spigot to the swamp cooler turned the correct way.  I have noticed the air coming out hasn't been cool at all.  I believe the theory is that a fan blows air over a tray of water and cools the air coming out of the vents.  When it gets in the 90's the swamp cooler doesn't do much good, but I have fans strategically placed throughout my house, as well as windows open for air circulation.  It is an old technology but I still don't understand it.  

Growing up in Cincinnati it was hot and humid in the summer but there wasn't much that could be done about it except run fans and drink ice water.  That's essentially what I do today.   My dad worked nights and had to sleep in the daytime, and my mom went out and bought him a window air conditioner.  We could stand outside the closed bedroom door and feel a bit of cool air coming from under the door.  Heavenly!

I "discovered" a great cure for indigestion - vanilla ice cream!  It doesn't take much ice cream to do the job, and it is so refreshing in this weather.  Since I live alone I eat it right out of the half gallon container.  My kids would think I'm weird, as they thought their dad was weird when he drank milk straight from the half gallon carton, but he lived alone too, so why not.

Once the hummingbirds discovered the nectar they sip constantly.  It reminds me that I need to change the water and wash the feeder - I'm sure in the heat it gets nasty pretty quickly.  I've been intending to get a small bird bath to place under the tree in the front yard.  In this heat I think the birds would enjoy some water to splash in and get the dust off their feathers.


  1. I didn't think you were supposed to have all the windows open when operating a swamp cooler, but I could be wrong about that. You don't use a bowl for your ice cream? You are a brazen hussy! ;)

  2. We finally got some rain today. Not enough but every little bit helps. Hope your temperature won't get too hot.

  3. Mom puts shallow pans of water on the ground outside her window for the birds. Some of the little quail jumped in and waded around the other day. She was delighted. So, no real need to get an official birdbath. She actually also took the top 'bath' part off her real birdbath and just put it on the ground with water as these days in Phoenix the birds want all the water they can get.

  4. Evaporative coolers work best when the humidity is very low, and lots of air movement. Since the cooler is sucking in dry air through the wet pads and blowing it into the house, there must be a way for it to leave the house. Open a window a couple of inches in each room you want cooled. Make sure the pads are all wet. It is recommended that the water be turned on first and allowed to soak the pads. Also, make sure there are no large openings in the pads. If you want less cooling in a room, close the window in that room. Some evaporative coolers have a recirculating pump in the bottom, which pumps the water over the pads. A float valve keeps water in the bottom of the cooler at the correct level to supply the pump. Most people replace the pads every spring.

  5. I found too that when it's really hot the hummers liquid gets funky fast. Hope your temps don't reach the 100's. 90's are too much for me.

  6. We grew up without air conditioning but I couldn't survive without it now. The birds will love you even more if you put that water out for them.

  7. Phil is right on with the cooler use. The best pads are not the straw ones I used the green or the blue and found they worked and lasted much better. In my last 2 homes I had master coolers they are awesome, but don't work in the monsoon season I have a/c for that

  8. Only swamp cooler I have seen was in a museum:)