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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Weird Weather

At Noon today it was 66 degrees and breezy enough to be wonderfully chilly!  It isn't supposed to get over 82  which will be comfortable, but look out for the next few days as the thermometer makes a steady climb!

My new bathroom scale arrived and was easy to set up.  I just want it to tell me what I weigh and that's it.  No recording on my iOS device (if I even have one - don't know what the hell that is!).  No "tracking, organizing and using simple graph tools".  No sharing with healthcare providers and fitness buddies.  Just tell me how much I weigh.

The hummingbirds are coming around again.    I guess the word finally got out that "she's baaack!"  I love watching them.  (Now I'd like to get a birdbath set up i my front yard.)  There are two hummers who don't seem to want to share - probably males - but I didn't expect that type of behavior this time of year.

I have mentioned on my blog the difficulty I've had getting decent sleep for at least the past year.  I sleep on my side but wake up with my shoulder in raging pain, and have to prop myself with pillows under the pain spots.  Then when I turn to the other side I have to start all over again.  The pain and discomfort is now gone!  I just love this and can't wait to see what pain and discomfort goes next!  The Dr. gave me a page of exercises to do 5 days a week, taking only about 15 minutes a day at most.  He will be adding to those in coming weeks, as well as discussing posture, nutrition, etc.  I'm open to everything.

It feels like nap time again, but I hate to do it as it will mess up my sleep patterns.  Maybe I could just close my eyes for a bit.


  1. You keep up with those exercised, etc. you will be well on your way to a younger you.

  2. Today was a sweats day up here also loved it but the rain was unbelievable. Glad your doing so much better alreaday

  3. This is so fantastic to hear how well your chiropractor's work and plans for you are working. Ha Ha on the close your eyes "for a bit". RIGHT!