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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New Phone Service/Old Phone

I got out the land line phone plus two extensions, and plugged in the units in hope it recharges the batteries.  I'm not sure where the original user guide is, but I'm hoping the batteries in each phone will charge up automatically.  The base unit won't be delivered to me until Friday, and if these phones no longer work then I'll just go buy a cheap one.  For all I will be using it I don't need an expensive unit with features I won't understand or ever use!  I have the main phone plus two extensions, so at least one of them should work!

I mentioned to Dr. G today that I am having a terrible problem with heartburn.  It's been almost constant during the past week or two, and I'm suffering with it as I'm determined to not take an OTC product for it.

I don't know what he did, and I'm sort of holding my breath, but I haven't had heartburn all afternoon - over 6 hours - and it was nearly constant before.  It is uncanny how the nervous system controls the function of virtually every cell, tissue, organ, and system of your body.  I've never known an MD to worry about it when they can write a prescription or send you for tests, instead of treating the cause.

I can't believe that at nearly 7 pm it is still 104 degrees.  I really would like a beer but have nothing on hand, and the nearest gas station convenience store is at least two blocks away.  I'm certainly not going to walk 2 blocks in this heat - it was hard enough walking in an air conditioned gym this morning even before the thermometer started to rise.  One more day like today and then it's going "down" into the high 90's, and will probably feel much cooler!   If I didn't have these appointments with the chiropractor 3x a week I'd be in the mountains somewhere sleeping in a tent and listening to the sounds of nature.  I don't mind waiting until after Labor Day though, because the crowds will thin down and I'll have a better choice of campsites.  

I'm going to just take on the heat and get in my hot car to go buy me a beer or two.


  1. Save on gas and trips to the store, by a full case of beer, 24 bottles. That should hold you over a day or two (grin). I used to drink a lot of beer (and bourbon), but have not had a drink of alcohol in many years and I don't miss it at all.

  2. I did my running early and then stayed in doors with the ceiling fans and a/c. put up a crock pot of beans. Stay cool

  3. I messed up when I knew I should be treating my back gently and put it out again last night, so no gym. Tonight it feels better, so maybe I'll at least go walk and do some arm exercises. I mean, how can I not? ;)

  4. It was 105 here in DFW today. I stayed inside except to get the mail.