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Monday, July 20, 2015

A short update

When I think I'm going to write just a short piece, it ends up getting quite wordy!  I can't help  it.

Update on chiropractic care - I am noticing, and the doctor says that my posture is improving quickly.  Jeannie had to have a dental implant removed and won't start her treatment until Wednesday.  I know she is looking forward to it.

In the meantime we are using the juicer every 3 or  4 days, and she is noticing that her blood sugar readings are much lower, and that she needs less insulin.  It has to have something to do with the juicing as she hasn't started the regular chiro program yet.  I think the outcomes for both of us look good.

Steve took the swamp cooler apart and we cleaned it up a bit - the old pads were disintigrating pretty badly.  They aren't what I thought they would be - sort of a woven mass of heavy fiber that looks a bit like thick straw, but not really.  I can't describe it and should have taken some photos.

I never have any humidity in the house from running the cooler, no matter how long it runs.  For one thing, Sacramento has extremely low humidity and what moisture there is evaporates quickly.  Also, I leave a couple of windows open just a bit in the kitchen at the front of the house, and in the bedrooms at the back.  That seems to keep the air circulating  pretty well.    

All I can say is that when I stand under the vents of this thing, the air blowing out is as cool as that from an air conditioner!  And it's a lot cheaper to run.    Today was very uncomfortable outdoors as it didn't get very cool overnight.  We are supposed to get the Delta breeze back tonight though, and that keeps the temperature reasonable throughout the entire morning and often into the early afternoon.  Have I mentioned how I'd love to see some snow?  I'd even go out and play in it!


  1. Hope you get that breeze. It was unbearably hot here yesterday too but now we have a cool breeze too and much cooler temperature.

  2. Hope you'll let us know exactly what benefits you both notice from the juicing. SO glad to hear about your spinal improvements but bummer that Jeannie has to have an implant removed. What in the world would cause that? Is she sure she likes this dentist? Glad you are keeping cool now but I'll bet if it snowed 2 feet in Sac and it hung around for months you'd change your tune. LOL

  3. Glad somebody finally helped you - a swamp cooler is a petri dish of MOLD and all kinds of bacteria and nasty organisms - cleaning it and changing the pads should help some of your allergies and other ailments. Sounds like the juicing and chiropractic treatments are helping too.

  4. It is way too humid around here to use a swamp cooler.

  5. Another tip for your evaporative cooler, when the night air is cool, turn the water off and let the cooler just blow iln the cooler outside air, without increasing the humidity..

  6. I must say the idea of playing in the snow almost sounds appealing to me. But that would only last about 2 minutes and I'd be done. We haven't had to empty our water tray on our air conditioner yet either because all the water keeps evaporating. But we don't have any cool breezes. I am so excited the chiro is doing wonders for you. That is great news.

  7. So happy your cooler is cleaned and working so well. It sure makes a difference. My daughter said it is so humid in Tucson right now that they feel like they are underwater. they have a cooler no good.I told them to go stay at my place but it is so far from where they all work.
    If Jeanie is diabetic why would the dentist give her an implant? My daughter was told no way. Glas the juicer is working well for both of you.