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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Getting mid-day sleepy!

I hate it when that happens.  I've been to the gym for the treadmill, been to the chiropractor who gave me a page of exercises to start doing every day (which I've finished for today), and done a few other things.  When I sat in the chair and turned on my computer I found my head was nodding and I would just love to take a nap.  I don't like daytime naps though because it messes with my preferred earlier bedtime, which messes with my preferred earlier rising the next morning.

I had a bit of difficulty sleeping last night - I have gotten in the habit of acommodating the scoliosis and learned how to prop myself up with pillows to prevent aching bones at night.  Now I have to try either adjusting the pillows or doing without them because each time I get a chiropractic adjustment I can see a bit of improvement.  That is certainly enough to give my spirits a boost!

I truly would like to see a cold spell.  When I read other blogs and folks talk about temps in the 70's I am so jealous!   Anything between 50 and 80 would be fine with me.  It's 82 at 4pm and so far a couple of fans are keeping me cool enough.

I ate two tacos last night and for some reason I have had indigestion ever since.  Nothing fancy in them, certainly nothing too spicy/hot, but they don't agree with me.  I didn't buy sour cream since I've been back and maybe that is the missing ingredient.


  1. I had that same experience today with needing a nap. My eyes just refused to stay open.
    I think the sour cream may have toned down the taco for you not to mention improving on the taste.

  2. I've finally given in to the nap thing. I have never been a napper before but this getting up at 5:30 every morning is doing me in. Scooter just has to get us up so she can go rabbit hunting. So glad to hear that you are seeing some improvement with your back. Sometimes foods just don't sit right in my stomach but the next time I eat them it's just fine. Hope you feel better.

  3. I have the same late afternoon sleepies. I have to get up and go for a walk or do something in order to get past it since I too like early bedtime and early rising. I'm happy to escape from 90's to even mid 80's.