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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yesterday I went over to stay with grandson Liam while Meg went to the doctor.  I drove through some heavy rain getting to their house, but only a mist coming back.  As always I'm happy to be with my grandchildren, and worn out when I get home.  No more rain on the horizon but it was very foggy when I got up this morning.  It's all burned off now and looks like it will be a sunny week in the 60's.

I went to pick up a book I had requested from the library, and found 8 more that I checked out.  I'm a fairly fast reader, at least when I'm reading fiction, so it won't take me long to get through them.

While listening to a podcast this afternoon at the same time the afternoon sun came shining through the door I had to dust mop the living room floor and wash the sliding door inside and out - all the little hand prints that go about halfway up are now gone and waiting for new ones to appear.  That afternoon sun shows everything! 

Time to fix supper although I'm not all that hungry for some reason.  I feel really good today, or maybe it would be more correct to say I feel really happy and content, which could be the same thing. 

Later, I'm reading blogs and trying to comment.  I don't have a clue what happens, but many times the whole comment just disappears, or it is published prematurely without my ever hitting "Publish".  It is so aggravating and most of the time I don't go back and try to start from scratch.  Can't remember what I said, for one thing - you know those senior moments. 


  1. I sure miss those handprints right now! It has been a while and will be seven more months till we get to see them once more.

  2. How exciting to hear you are feeling so good and content. That is a good thing. I lose my comments frequently and I don't go back and try again either. Just too frustrating.

  3. Sure glad you are feeling so good. BTW, I started having all kinds of problems and couldn't even comment on my own blog when I was using Chrome. I was told to switch to Firefox and that is working very well for me. If you are not using Firefox, it is a free download.

  4. Spending time with the Grands is certainly a lot of fun. But they just have to much energy:) We watched Victoria fro six hours yesterday and I needed a serious rest when she left with her mom!

  5. If your using a laptop that happens to me to. So I bought a key board. haha But my typing has gotten really bad. Oh well things just go after a while.
    Glad you feeling so happy and well.

  6. Mine are not so much senior [I hope] at this point as pharma induced, but I hate them too. It's frustrating and I can agree. I do that all the time and eventually give up.

    Sounds like a really, really great day. It's the little things isn't it Gypsy? I like that. Now I think I might have to wash more windows. ::laughing:: I didn't realize until a few weeks ago just how many windows this darn house has and maybe they haven't seen a cloth in a few years? eeek! Thanks for the inspiration.

    And if you don't eat how are you ever going to win this race lady? Please try, it's good for you. And things like ice cream and lemon pie have healthy ingredients in them. Trust me. I know. Dairy? Fruit? Go for it. I can rationalize any calorie I want. :)

    Have a great rest of your week and a wonderful weekend. Hugs!

  7. Feeling good and being happy definitely seem to go together. Isn't it wonderful? I always wonder, how can I feel this way most of the time. What is it about today?

  8. Really cool to hear you say you feel happy and content ... good stuff. peace.

    little handprints halfway up... awwww

    Stephanie and Charlie are out in this horrible rain, sleet lightning mess! going to their doctor's appointments... just worries me to pieces... she's so tired. Wish I could do more which makes me want to do the getting closer thang...

    He's 11.5 pounds now at almost 6 weeks. I hope I live long enough to say I'm content... much less happy and content together!

    That's quite an accomplishment, m'dear.

  9. Hint to retain your comment if something goes wrong: after typing, but before hitting PREVIEW OR PUBLISH, select the text and hit COPY via your keyboard. Then you have a copy on your clipboard, well, at least until you copy something different. But if something goes wrong with your comment, you can just start over, and paste in your saved words. Eliminates a bit of frustration at losing your comment.