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Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday rolls around

I got dressed as soon as I got out of bed this morning, ground the coffee beans and set the coffee to brew.  Then I walked about a mile - I should have gone the whole circle around the park but I wanted my first cup of coffee.  I'll try to do the other half this evening.

I'm cold again today - at least my hands are freezing - when I decided to get under a fleece throw on the couch I found it wasn't warming me up enough, so I got out an electric throw I have.  Set that thing on high and I was soon in dreamland.

I started making a pot of minestrone soup when I finally got off the couch.  That should warm me up, but I should have made bread to go with it!

I had a comment to one of my posts from Liz.  She had read Skippy's I Make Soap and tried to leave a couple of recipes, but had problems with leaving a comment on her blog.  (Many of us are having difficulties with the comment feature lately.)  She sent the recipes to me, and I forwarded them.  Isn't it wonderful how our blogging world can be so in sync sometimes, and so helpful.  I think I will try to make the seafood casserole myself one of these days.

Liz also commented, as have a couple of others, that it made sense for me to get the flu shot this year considering my previous experience with pneumonia.  Liz and others who wrote similar comments are absolutely right, and I'm not second guessing my decision - just a bit surprised at the inefficacy of the much-hyped vaccine.

I was checking the TV offerings earlier and stopped on the HGTV channel, which featured a couple with two small children looking for a motorhome to replace their Class C. The program showed three models (I'm sure the couple actually checked out more than three), and the man even commented that the RV's had more televisions than did their house.  The Class A they settled on had a large TV for outdoor viewing; one in the living room and of course one in the bedroom; there were bunk beds for the children, and each bunk had a drop down screen, plus I think there was also a TV in the kitchen.  Does that sound like overkill to anyone reading this?  The Class A they eventually chose was really beautiful inside and out and seemed to handle extremely well.  (Darned if I can remember the make or model - I remember 5th wheels but not class C or A models).

One thing that bothers me when I watch House Hunters is the overuse of the word "WOW".  I'm sure it's the most used word on that channel - "OH WOW".  On the Weather Channel the meteorologists are constantly peppering their speech with "Of course", as in "Driving in Chicago will be a problem, of course, with all the snow."  And if you can stand another overused phrase, on Book TV many authors as well as the interviewers can't ask a question, describe a situation, or express a thought without "if you will" being thrown in every other sentence.  Does anyone else have a word or phrase, if you will, that is used so often that of course it becomes obnoxious?  You do?  Oh WOW, please pass them on in the comments section.  


  1. I do it's like how do you say it.
    Like I don't know, like what did she say. Like it really is great.
    I am so sick of hearing the younger generation using the word "like" in the wrong text.

  2. Well! I say wow a lot... I just do. I see so many wowing things ... I also say ooooh and ahhhh a lot. I used to say awesome but then awesome became tiresome ... or amazing ...

    I like wondrous ... easier to say wow though.

    You know ... is one that drives me insane! I have a pal that I swear! every single sentence has at least two ~ you knows ~ haa but then I have my wowing ...

  3. Like, I hate that word insinuated every two words in sentences. Also Too Funny. I hate that!

  4. Thank you so much Gypsy for forwarding those [I did email you] and LIZ Thank YOU! How wonderful to send those along. One will be on our meatless Friday next week guaranteed! LOVE!

    Yes, the blogging community is strong and loving bunch. I find almost all my Tadpoles and their friends, followers and commenters to be truly genuine folk. I have the utmost respect and caring for everyone I have met and who have befriended me with a smile or a kind word. I can honestly say in 9 years of blogging I have only "met"/received two unkind comments and well? My Tadpoles put them right. Protective bunch. :)

    Wow. I am so touched right now. Thank you Gypsy. Now do I need to send along some sweaters and Under Armor your way? I used to suffer the cold, but lately with the meds and the added [water] weight I have a nice layer of insulation. Heehee another bonus to side effect meds, right?

    Please try to stay warm and enjoy your soup. :) Hugs to y'all!

    PS Good move on getting the flu shot. Better safe than sorry. I had never had one and my doctor just walked in the room and stuck me with it. I was surprised and said "What was that?" He said it was the flu shot and I HAD to have it, but if I gave him a second I would probably run out the door [I might have] so he just went ahead and did it. It was all done happily, he just knows me really, really well and he knew I would take it this year - I AM NOT going back in the hospital until I have to for the transplant and he knows it - so he just gave it to me. We're pretty close by now. ::laughing::

    Okay, reallllly long comment. Sorry 'bout that. Take care [again!] Love, Skip

  5. PS May I please agree with Sandra M? My kids are forbidden to use the word "like". I despise the use of that word, it's almost as tho' it is a replacement for cursing. ARGH.

    Then again, we probably had affects when we were teenagers too.

  6. Like, you know..., you know, uh, you know?

  7. Yes there are many prepositional phrases that mean almost nothing..... But I agree on the use of the word "LIKE" it drives me crazy to hear that used sixteen times in every sentence... No.... it doesn't drive me crazy.... I just don't LIKE it.... LOL....

  8. When we used to have satellite TV and watched House Hunter was got to me more than Wow was, but it's not granite counter tops, or not stainless steel appliances.
    OK now I am going to be paranoid I am using a phrase that drives people nuts. :))))) Like, you know, Wow!!

  9. It just grates me to the bone to hear people say "OMG". Haven't they read the Ten Commandments, especially the third one?

    Happy Trails, Penny, TX