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Monday, February 11, 2013

More on unwanted emails

I think the spammers believe that anyone named gypsy must be a man, because the mail seems to be slanted towards a man.  I never actually open them up but the inbox sometimes shows the first few words, such as "Hello mighty man".  I recently received one that I thought was funny, the subject of which was "Help me cheat on my husband".   I wonder how many people actually open up these obviously stupid emails.

I need to stop watching Animal Cops Houston on TV.  Lately I've seen several episodes featuring German Shepherds, and I want one.  I'd like a small female shepherd.  I love big dogs and can't imagine myself ever wanting a very small one, but I'm thinking something between 60 and 70# would be just about right.  I also love black labs, but don't have the energy for even a middle aged lab.  It's all dreaming though, because I don't think I could afford to feed one much less deal with vet care.

  I remember old days as a child when we took our dog to the vet for a checkup and booster shots once a year.  It probably cost $10 in those days!  I think dogs were healthier back then, and I heard of such things as distemper and rabies, but not the list of serious diseases of today.

I miss Lady, and Smoky before her.   



  1. We didn't feel like we had to go to extremes with life extending vet treatments. Old dogs died. We loved them, but didn't go broke trying to keep them alive. Come to think of it, the same was true of retired people.

  2. I am really starting to think that all these vet vaccines are not all that good for our pets, especially our older ones. After they get so old we think about it before we get them. We continue the heart worm though. Our first cat only had one set of vaccines when he was neutered and he lived to be 18 yrs old. Sometimes I think it is $$$ sad!

  3. I lost my old dog who was my secretary for many, many years. I still get tears in my eyes when I think of her. We still have three dogs left and two of them are getting up in age. They are family. Couldn't think what life would be like without them, since our lives are usually planned around our pups.

  4. I agree with everyone's comments about Vet's nowadays. It's 'another' service I have lost respect for over the years because of their questionable business practices. Taking advantage of people in stress is a common money gouging ploy & I feel Vet's have fallen right into that category. Right up there with Dentists, Funeral Directors, etc. It's a fast growing list

  5. I have to say I LOVE our vet..we have had him for 20 years! He has modern equipment but he does not price gouge! His best advice EVER was "If you REALLY love your dog you will not give her people food"! I have followed that advice for my last two dogs...my Sugar died when she was 14 and our Mollidog is now going on 13years...with mininmum vet visits. I too want a German Shepard for some reason..they are a beautiful dog!

  6. Since I rescued Fred he goes to the Clinic in Show Low he was given a 3 yr rabies shot last July but this year I want to test him for heart worm.

    If you get a dog will you be able to take him on your summer job?

  7. I am soooo glad we got to meet your dignified and elegant Lady before she passed on to the Rainbow Bridge.

    So much so, that perhaps when both of our elderly fur balls collie and sheltie pass on, I might consider a German Shepherd too. Because of your Lady.

    Karen and Steve
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