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Thursday, February 7, 2013

A few comments

I received a comment from Anonymous to my dilemma about not finding an eyebrow pencil.  I used Clinique cosmetics for years, although I quit wearing make-up when I lived in Ireland, and I am anxious to get to the mall and visit Macy's cosmetics dept.  The powder sounds like it will be perfect - I think much better than a pencil.  I might also get some concealer for the circles under my eyes.  Maybe I'll be gorgeous if I try hard enough!

Another commenter, sgsmith, read of my weed problem and suggested Preen.  I used that product way back when we had a small vegetable plot behind our house in Cincinnati - Preen is not toxic to anything but weeds.  

Phil suggested that I can check out books electronically from the library for use on a Kindle or similar device.  That would be handy especially when traveling, however, I don't have a Kindle or plans to get one.  I'm too old-fashioned to ever give up the look and feel of a book.  I also have trouble with electronic devices in the last year or so, from telephones to computers to whatever.  

One of my latest purchases of dubious equipment was the cable that supposedly would transfer files from one computer to another.  I plugged them in the appropriate computers, clicked on the icon on each computer screen, but get the message on each computer that the file isn't installed.  Of course the instructions don't say diddly about installation, and I'm really frustrated with the whole thing.  I could have bought a pretty good flash drive with a ton of memory for what I spent on the crap cable.  I'll ask Donald to take a look the next time he's over - he is not only a super cook and baker, he is a computer genius as well as good with all hi tech devices.

I'm trying to get rid of all the negativity in my life from the earliest times until now, so I won't complain about technology from now on, unless I fall off the anti-negativity wagon. 

Tomorrow is Friday again and I keep tripping over myself trying to catch up with Time.  I usually try to stay off the roads on Friday because the traffic is so heavy - not just on the freeway either.  I went out today and on the way home (in heavy commute traffic) I saw that my fuel tank is getting dangerously close to Empty, so tomorrow morning I will drive to Costco for gas, hopefully before the roads get congested.


  1. I think I'm lucky when I keep my eyebrows from becoming one. We try to stay home on Fridays and week-ends also. This place can really get to be a zoo.

  2. I use powder and a brush on my eyebrows too. It does last forever, and you can define them so much better with a brush, plus it stays put. I never thought to tell you this. It is definitely cost effective. Now the weeds...can't figure that one out either ha ha.

  3. I kinda solved my face problem by growing hair on some of it to cover up the trouble spots, Not something you might want to consider though.....

  4. Maybelline also makes a powder and brush for eyebrows, probably cheaper than clinique. Try Walmart or anyplace that carries Maybelline.

  5. Make up, smake up - you're gorgeous! Although I do, too, love to add a little color to my face. Otherwise I look like walking de...well, you know. ::heehee::

    I am the least computer literate person I know and I TOO love a book in my hand, but since I have problems with the whole hand/dexterity thing I downloaded the free KINDLE app from Amazon on my laptop. Amazing! And I get all my books for free from my library. 6 at a time. And I can make the screen bigger if I want to take my glasses off - and blah, blah, blah - suffice to say it's a gift. A free gift.

    I know you are having/have had problems with the computer, but I downloaded it on my 7 year old clunker first and it worked like a charm. If you are interested or want to do it, you know where to find me.

    Thanks for being my friend. It's always nice to see you over in the "pond".

    Hugs! Skip