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Saturday, February 16, 2013

I forgot to mention ...

That yesterday Donald had a box of chocolate covered and decorated strawberries for me.  I would have taken a picture but ate most of them already.

I don't know why the sitemeter doesn't show up on the new Macbook.  I access my blog in Firefox, but sometimes I use Safari for things like uploading photos, looking at Sitemeter, etc.  I found the statistics section of Blogger and found them to be a bit off from sitemeter, but they have page views for the last month listed by source - between Russia and the Ukraine were about 50 views.  I wonder if I actually have any readers in either of those countries - I know I get a lot of spam from them in AOL and Gmail, but I can't tell about the blog spam comments.  There were four such comments in my AOL inbox this morning.  Sick minds at work if you ask me.

Jeannie mentioned walking this weekend, but since I didn't hear from her today I take it we will walk tomorrow (Sunday).  I need the exercise, and wish I could get my act together and walk every day.  I just don't enjoy walking by myself anymore.

I decided a couple of weeks ago to reconnect with old friends in Ireland, so I wrote to the one whose address I could remember.  She wrote me back immediately and provided addresses of two other friends.  I miss Ireland sometimes, especially the camaradarie of the women.  In a group of women you just can't stop laughing--they are the friendliest people with the best sense of humor I have ever known.  I wish I could go back for a visit, but then if I got that far I would certainly have to visit Germany, and maybe a couple of small villages in rural England.  I've only been in London and it's way too big to suit me, and I'd rather be in New YorkA trip like that is out of the question because I simply couldn't afford it.  Because of the exchange rate it is more costly than when I used to travel there and spend German francs or Irish pounds.  Never did like the euro!

It sounds to me like I'm ready to take a trip, but it will be a few months before I'll be going anywhere.  I hope the summer and fall weather isn't horrible.



  1. wanna go ~ have always wanted to go to Ireland... I'm really going to buy a lottery ticket. I really am. been threatening for some time now.

    Look at all the people who win! I mean so what if it's a zillion to one... that one is going to win... might as well be me... why not~ depending how much I win ... I'll pay for your fare or half anyway...

  2. Well thank goodness I didn't have to look at Donald's gorgeous chocolates and drool all over my keyboard. I loved Ireland too and sure envy you being able to live there. What about books on tape for walking?? Or an fm headset to listen to NPR??

  3. I don't think strawberries keep very long, so it's a good thing you ate them. :)

  4. I know how it feels to want something and not being able to have or do it. I would certainly prefer to be in Arizona right now!! By the way it's french Franks and German Marks :-)