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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday routine

Jeanne called me very early this morning to see if I wanted to walk, and we agreed to stop by the farmers market first.  The strawberries are looking better and better, as are the leafy vegetables.  I tried a sample of almond butter which I like as well as peanut butter, and I got some of that too.

After walking about 55 minutes I told her to do a couple of fast laps on her own while I sat in the children's playground area.  There were people everywhere in the Mather sports area - soccer games, baseball games, skateboarders, etc., but the seating area was empty except for me.  It gave me a good chance for people-watching.

A man walked by at a fairly quick pace followed by a boy of about 9 or 10.  The boy was wearing baseball cleats which were obviously uncomfortable on the pavement, and he was struggling to keep up.  The man, no doubt his father, didn't even look back at him but said loudly, "Try to keep up."  The poor kid was miserable and my heart went out to him, but I had to chuckle when I thought of one of my mom's "life on a Kentucky farm" sayings:  "He walked like a chicken with a bumblefoot".  I've never actually seen a chicken with a bumblefoot, and always wondered about it, but watching this kid I instantly knew.

That brings me to the fact that we all heard the old sayings as kids but maybe didn't always get the full meaning. But they stay in the back of our minds throughout our lives until an incident such as this kid stumbling and limping, brings them forward.

I'd love to hear some of the sayings and admonishments you've heard growing up if you'd like to share.

For the past few weeks I've felt pretty smug that I am in Sacramento and not in Texas or Arizona where the winds are blowing so hard it's difficult to do anything outside.  We got ours today - beautiful sun shining day with extremely strong winds.  Not very comfortable and I hope today is just an exception. 


  1. haha.... never heard of bumblefoot! chicken or otherwise... that's funny.

    Dad's was ... knucklehead! needs a knuckle sandwich ...

    Mother's was ... just simply .... mercy mercy ... whatever it was that anyone was or anything that happened ... just mercy mercy.

    Her sister's daughter and I would be rolling on the floor, porch, gass.. wherever ... as each of them would mercy mercy .. right after the other ... as in agreement...

    absolutely hilarious. oh, mercy mercy.. oh, Mary yes... mercy ~ slight pause ... mercy ... and back and forth ...

    I can still see 'em ... mercying away hahaaa

  2. The only thing I really heard very often was "go to your room". But let me tell you, sometimes when I open my mouth it's my Mom talking. Thank goodness she was such a great lady.

  3. My wife and I just love almond butter. She uses the smooth one, I like the crunchy.

  4. I have been wanting to walk here too, because of the bad leg cramps I had when we first got to Hardin Ridge last year, remember? But the weather won't let me. Too cold, too windy, or to icy. Sheesh!
    My is not maybe not nice but since I was raised on the farm and we had pigs.....My Mom and Dad would say, "that is as worthless as tits on a boar." Sometimes still to this day I will catch myself saying that.
    Never heard the chicken foot one before.

  5. I'm feeling really sorry for that little boy. Why would his father want him to run in baseball cleats? Can't be good for the cleats or the child?

    My grandfather always used to say it's "hotter than a boiled owl" aobut the summer heat. I've never heard of a boiled owl....yuck...or heard anyone else ever say that.

  6. I thought everyone said the things my parents always said, I have since learned that I may be wrong about that. Every time I say that "it's colder than a crick (creek)rock" I get "what did you say?" in response.

    Mom always said about her projects, "it's close enough for government work" I've been a state employee for 15 years and I really understand that statement now! LG ;->

  7. If I thought my clothes or hair wasn't good to go my mother would tell me "it'll never be noticed on a galloping horse" to get me going.

    One of the things we heard all the time when we ask where something was at, "It's behind the A looking over the T".

    I wish I could remember all the things my high school algebra teacher would say if someone said "I thought you said". I said noses and you thought I said roses and said I want a big red one. I said looks and you thought I said books and said I don't want any. You didn't want to get caught not paying attention in her class.

  8. My Dad always said "it doesn't take any longer to do things right"