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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Getting ready for some home improvement

I went to Home Depot this morning looking for the kind of TSP you add to water and  doesn't require rinsing.  HD only had the powder kind, which does require that you rinse the surface in clear water afterward, and also had a ready-to-use version that comes in about a quart bottle.  That might be enough for one or two small items, but it sure wouldn't be economical to use on an entire room's walls and ceilings.

I then drove over to Lowes and found exactly what I want.  The cashier had to be the world's friendliest, and we talked until another customer came up and I moved on.  There are some stores where it is obviously a management policy that the staff engages you in polite conversation.  Most of them try, but saying the same thing to every customer makes it inevitable that it becomes an effort and somewhat insincere.  I try to just ignore the obvious and be nice right back to them, but I really enjoyed the good conversation I had going at Lowes.

I think I will shop more at Lowes from now on, but I don't care much for the shopping center it is located in - one of those newer ones that is set up to look like a village right smack dab in the middle of a huge parking lot.  I am really put off by it, as it is difficult to even see the names of the businesses unless you are driving right past them, except for the big ones such as Lowes.  I don't care for big malls or strip malls of any kind, but trying to tart them up by suggesting it's a cozy little village is about as insincere as the clerks at the grocery.

All my shopping took probably less than an hour, and I came back home and ate lunch.  I thought I'd start on cleaning the ceilings and walls, but the couch was calling.  I don't know why, after getting a good night's sleep, I can't refrain from taking a nap most every day.  

My 5-day computer weather forecast is predicting 75 degrees for this Friday.  I'll believe it when I see it but I hope it's true.  Meanwhile, the upper 60's is pretty good too.

I'm hoping for some good weather soon so I can drive out to San Andreas (yes, it's on the earthquake fault line) to the elephant rescue park.  I love to watch elephants and respect their intelligence, but doubt I'd ever go back to a zoo anywhere to see any kind of animal.  For some poor animals that have been bought as exotic pets and then become too hard for their owners to handle, I guess being allowed the relative freedom of an outdoor zoo exhibit beats being cramped in a cage, but in bad weather or in cold winters some animals stay indoors in definitely smaller quarters.   


  1. A fellow about 2 miles from me owns a few elephants. He does the Renaissance Festival circuit. My son used to travel with him and had the job of elephant handler. I got some good stories I could tell you.

  2. I am with you, I have such a hard time with zoos. The tigers and lions just pace back and forth back and forth, just breaks your heart. I know they do educate the public, but at what price. The poor unfortunate souls that get captured to be in confinement sure got a bad rap. Glad you had a good shopping day.

  3. aw elephant rescue... it is hard to see animals caged. I do like zoos, however... the ones with natural settings. not cages.

    San Diego Zoo is just the bomb and Safari Park. There are a couple of rescue places here in Arkansas... I need to go back and post about them.

    When I was there before... the bear from Gentle Ben was there along with several other animals used in movies and circus acts.

    Some were mistreated ... and it's hard to hear the stories.

    You going to take pictures?

  4. I completely agree with not wanting to see a zoo. I have a hard time watching the neurotic behavior of animals (in no matter how "large" an enclosure) reduced to areas so much less in size and variety than their natural habitats. I find it demoralizing.

  5. Glad to hear there are some warm temperatures heading your way. Also glad to hear so many people find zoos to be cruelty to animals in the guise of education. It is so sad. I never go. Not to any of them ever. I don't know why we think we have to be able to see in person every animal on Earth. Learn to love and take care of your own place and your own animals I say. Or go to Africa or wherever and see them in their own place. oppps this is your blog isn't it. sorry!

  6. Hi Gypsy... your going to the elephant rescue place inspired me a blog post! I hope you write about your experience there and have pictures.

    I was going to just do another comment here but it got too long! really? hahaaa...

    Anyway... what fun it was to go back and look at a few pictures and then think of why I do like zoos...

    I think it would be informative to discuss the different view points.

    I referenced your blog in my post...

    guess I ought to email you first before I do to see if you mind... I just think I will... ;)