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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nothing new to write about, and I'm determined to write mostly positive things.  It's easy enough to find things to complain about and I'm too happy to be complaining, although what I'm happy about I couldn't tell you. Being alive, I guess, is a good reason.

I have picture frames and photos spread from one end of my living room to another, on every surface.  I don't know where to start - most of the photos were removed from frames when I sold my house.  I did save a bunch of frames, but wish I had kept all of them.  I donated about 30 of them to Kiwanis and kept the rest in storage.  I hope I can get Jeannie to come over and help me one of these days - she has a good eye for placing pictures on the wall.  I don't.

I know it's a peronal choice that everyone makes who sells their house and belongings to enter the full-time RVing life style.  I'm referring to downsizing, getting rid of "stuff", and whether or not to rent storage space for at least a while.  I have always been a little sorry that I didn't store some of my furniture and furnishings, things like the pictures, my TV and DVD player, and the many things that make a house a homeBack to the storage question, I was only living in the RV for about 2-1/2 years, and would probably have been better off if I had kept more of my furniture and belongings.  But hindsight is 20/20, and I just want to present the downsizing point of view from my own experience.

Jeannie and Donald are going with Autumn's kindergarten class tomorrow on a field trip, so I will go over and stay with Arianna.  I need to be there around 7:30 a.m., which is early for me these days so I will have to go to bed a little earlier tonight.

I think we are going to have sunny 70F weather the next 3 days, and then the temps will drop and rain might appear a few days after that.  It's hard to know what to wear because it's cold in the morning hours, and again when the sun starts to go down.  I'll probably just wear sweat pants and a T shirt, and a sweatshirt over that.  I'm glad I bought 3 sets of sweats while Target still had them in stockI'll take them to Lassen for wearing in the evenings spent by the campfire.  I don't drink a beer while I'm wearing the uniform, so changing into something comfortable and popping the top on a can of Miller Hi Life after dinner is a Hi point of my day!


  1. Our daughter, Hannah is inheriting most of our furniture so we don't have to store it or sell it. I guess that way it stays in the family. I can see why you would regret it from your stand point. I hope we are full timers for more than 2 1/2 yrs. Keeping our fingers crossed.

  2. We have this discussion on downsizing all the time, but with us it is to a smaller, more manageable house for me. We will be able to keep all the pictures and stuff like that but we have a LOT of furniture - happens with this many kids and a long marriage etc. - not to mention my parents passing and Pooldad's downsizing - I basically have three houses of furniture [minus beds] The thing is I don't want to get rid of it if the kids want it, but only the oldest is settled [she is 23] and she will take some, but the others have to finish school and buy houses, whatever - you know what I mean. But I don't want to store it and we won't be able to take it with us.
    Okay, officially rambling - I do understand the hindsight part of it and I think that is what scares me.

    I think instead I will just imagine you popping your beer in front of the campfire. ::big smile:: Sounds like a treat. Wish I was there in my comfy sweats and a cocoa. Hey, and no fair on Lite Beer there lady - you need the weight, go full bore. Miller or nuthin' ::wink:: You do want to win this "bet" right?

    Hugs and enjoy your weekend.

  3. Well now that you did it maybe you can give us some the benefit of your experience on going from Full size home to a 36'X8'home on wheels.Having live the the Boat life (46') in my younger days and single to married older and the need for Doctors and med's to make it thru the week would sure be a help to all....

  4. We were lucky - our furniture really wasn't worth saving and for the cost of a storage shed we could buy new furniture. So we got rid of it. I know what you mean about cold in the mornings so I keep my sweats handy also.

  5. I've never been materialistic so few things I've bought through the years and wanted to keep for 'comfort's' sake are few. I've traveled so much in all these years ~ mainly from apartment to apartment.

    I loved my Christmas stuff ~ boxes of special ornaments and such from travels. Family albums ~ I sold oh man... just thinking about this and the three houses I downsized from to get mobile again ~ just makes me tired

    I say to anyone who wants to downsize but hang on to stuff that brings you joy? If it's worth the storage price and monthly online payments? do it.

    Right now heading toward 70 next month? wondering where or what or how I'm going to end up?

    still don't want anything. I think I'm very happy that material things such as my piano and antique bedroom suite ~ cookware ~ furniture ~ and tons and tons of clothes (thinking I'd get back in them, hah!) , shoes and little knick knacky things I loved on my walls. I had some great stuff I toted about for years! loved mirrors and plants and sconces and that sorta stuff bought there and here.

    HAHaa... I had the cutest little dog bottom hooks ~ just loved those guys for the hallway and kitchen.

    Now? I just want a comfortable bed and chair. A fridge. A TV. A computer. My iPhone. A trusty vehicle (I got Homer ;)) ... oh, a nice table and laptop desk.

    Can't think of much else. Coffee pot f'sure. I had a whammo bammo expensive one ... now I have McD's or my Melitta ... Oh, you know what I'd like to have? a blender... but a baby one for smoothies. I found this Starbuck's mug thing with a little plunger that I LOL tried to make a smoothie with.

    It just mixes well ~ not crush ice or frozen berries... still tastes good.

    I just have come to the conclusion... that my being able to see and eat and walk unaided is the bomb... when or if I can't do any of the above any longer? gimme a cat and a caterer.

    I just want to burp on out. wouldn't that be something.

  6. Hi, Gypsy. I don't consider myself materialistic. To me, being materialistic means that money is the important thing. For
    us, it's the "heart things" that we want to hang on to. The toys, the baby clothes, the photos, & DVD's. My daughter was telling me yesterday that her kids won't have to buy baby clothes, between her cedar chest & mine, they are "good to go"! Of course, she isn't taking into consideration that styles change. We treasure the furniture we bought 50 years ago. Quality that can't be found nowadays. These are reasons that we would never give up our "sticks" home. Of course, we've done plenty of traveling in our RV. So we didn't really have to choose one thing or the other.

    I hear what SkippyMom is saying about trying to hang onto things the kids might want.

    Good luck with your picture frame problem. Hope your daughter does come help you soon. Hope your day with Arianna wasn't too tiring!

  7. What I meant by MY not being materialistic is I don't need a lot of stuff to be comfortable. I'd rather be able to slap stuff in the back of something and take off.

    I say to anyone who wants to downsize but hang on to stuff that brings you joy? If it's worth the storage price and monthly online payments? do it.