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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Grandmothering and a little shopping

I spent a few hours yesterday with my grandson Liam, who is about 2-1/2.  We played in his room with trains, building blocks, and legos; read books; and he put together several jigsaw puzzles which he excels at.  He mainly wanted to play in his room rather than in the living room where I could sit properly, and kept wanting me to get down on the floor with him.  I was up and down, and up and down, and knew I would feel it later.

When I tried to get out of my recliner in the evening I realized my legs were feeling the activity of the day and thought it would be a good idea to try the Bengay with the vanishing scent.  Well, let me tell you in case you want to try it, you won't want to go out in public after using it, scent or no scent.  I can't notice it this morning, so I guess it does vanish overnight.

I loved being with Liam though, and it was worth the aching muscles.  He is a very bright kid and talks up a storm.  I couldn't help but crash when I got home, exhausted even though I really didn't do much, other than crawling around on the floor.  These are precious time to me.

I'm having a real problem with reading blogs lately.  I can enlarge the print if needed, but it's the color and sharpness of the print that gets me.  Honestly, most of it looks like a white background with light gray print.  I sometimes find that with books as well except that I can turn so that the light hits the book exactly right.  I've tried every setting I can find that adjusts the contrast on my screen, but it doesn't really help.  My eyes are getting worse, fast! 

I need to make a trip to the dreaded Walmart this morning to get my glasses adjusted.  They've held up pretty well considering the rough treatment they get.  I didn't want to have to go into the main part of the store, but need more of the I-Caps I take for my aging eyes.  I also have a book or two on hold at the library, so I might just take care of that also.

I'd better finish my coffee (which tastes so good this morning) and get moving before the traffic gets too bad.  

Later:  I made it to Walmart without too much grief, and my glasses sure fit better after being adjusted.  Now I can sit comfortably and not worry about having to go back out again.

I just checked my gmail account and found 4 spams:  2 of them were entitled "Can't wait to see you" and "I wait for you"; one was for watches and handbags, but the last one takes the prize:  "We guarantee you get laid".



  1. I know what you mean about grandkids tiring us out. Even when I sit and do nothing but watch them, read to them, etc., I'm still exhausted that night. I think it's the intense one-on-one that wears me out, we're just not used to it.

    I take those ICaps, too. My mom has macular degeneration and I'm doing what I can to NOT get it.

    Such a guarantee!! Did they guarantee the man of your choice? :)

  2. I'm wondering if you've talked with your opthalmologist about your growing problem with your eyes? Would like to know his explanation for that.

    Our grandkids are teenagers now, so they are no longer running us ragged. Our six month old Yorkie does a pretty good job of it, though.

    I had a spam yesterday that said, "I want to talk!" you got one that sounds a LOT more promising! (Sure!)

    Hope your vision stops giving you problems. That doesn't make it easy for you to blog!!
    Take care.................

  3. I see you have beefed up your print size & from my eyes to you I say thankyou. I too have problems reading small print blogs with black lettering on white backgrounds but it sounds like your problem is much more advanced than mine. This aging stuff is no fun at all!!

  4. We are babysitting Meredith on Thursday and I know what you mean. She wants you down on the floor too, and it kills my back. By the time we get home I am pooped. Everyone is right we are not used to any more. Your spam is funny I have not got that one yet!

  5. aw... 2.5 years old.. sigh

    Well? mine is gray on white... I'll try to fix that. I know that I told it black ... but it does come out gray... hmmm

    oh, I get email spam all the time... senior dating stuff and join my f'ckbook and enlarge my penis and Asian Beauties ... hilarious... Yahoo catches them and I just hit clear spam but I can see a few before they go...

    It automatically dumps spam in a couple of days.

    I just watched Betty White's 2nd annual 90th birthday party ... I wanna be Betty White... what fun

  6. We really enjoy he grand-kids, but it is sure tiring!

  7. I have been having eye problems too. When I got back in Oct. I went to see the eye Dr. about the blurry sight in the cataract eye. She told me what it was and there isn't anything they can do. I was just not happy so I finally went to another specialist very well known in Tucson. He pretty much told me the same thing. It is the break down of Vitreous membrain. There is nothing that can be done and sometimes it gets very liquidy and goes away. But more will come. It does not cause blindness (thank heavens) They gave me a script for glasses and it helps some. The reason I never noticed it before was the cataract. Once it was removed I could see it. He said it is in my left eye also but since there is a growing cataract there I don't see it. Get it checked again. But cheap reading glasses are helping. The new glasses are for driving.

  8. Well Gypsy now where else can you find a real Guarantee like that anymore, not WALMART.... LOL