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Friday, February 8, 2013

A bag of goodies

Today I bought eyebrow stuff, concealer, and even mascara.  But I made a huge mistake - I also picked up a 10X magnifying mirror.  Shouldn't have ever looked at it - I applied the eyebrow stuff and concealer and then took a look in the magnifier.  Holy crap!  I didn't realize how bad I actually look up close.  That's what people with young, normal vision see, so I'd better hang around with old folks wearing thick glasses!

I also filled up my fuel tank - at $.40/gal. higher than the last time I bought gas, just about 3 weeks ago.  I remember when the price per gallon hardly fluctuated, and I will never understand the extreme ups and downs of today's prices.  

I wanted to buy my grandkids some Valentine's Day candy - you know, the little hearts with goofy sayings on them.  These tiny little hearts have a list of ingredients you can't believe, the first two of which are sugar and high fructose corn syrup.  I remember those things from when I was a kid, and I would wager they didn't use corn syrup, so why today do they need a double whammy of sweet stuffNeedless to say the grands aren't getting candy from meAs I was going through the checkout some unseen hand threw a York Peppermint Patty onto the conveyor belt, and before I realized it I was having a real blast from the past in the form of chocolate and peppermint cream.  Heavenly!

What a storm they are having in the northeast.  My d-i-l and the kids stayed home today, and my son came home early.  I'm so grateful for the sun that is shining here today, although I would like to be in a little snow now and then.  My son Steve and his family are heading for Lake Tahoe today, and I hope they have their chains along.  A few years ago they drove my F-350 up the mountain and while everyone was chaining up the Ford was waved through.  I miss that truck. 


  1. I only look in a mirror when absolutely necessary-since I no longer recognize that old guy looking back at me:(

  2. Egad! A magnifying mirror would be scary!

  3. OH my gosh I laughed and laughed when I read you bought a 10x mirror. I remember when I bought mine...it WAS terrifying. I guess now I have gotten used to it. Just think if you get the make up on good enough for the magnifying mirror how good you will look to those with the thick glasses.

  4. Yeah, I have one ... especially shocking when yer plucking in the sunlight...

  5. You are so right! It is scary to look into that type of mirror. Good thing we only need to use it when we have "delicate"operations to perform :-). Equally horrifying is the use of facetime on my iPad. I am sure somebody else is portrait. Just the same I love using the iPad to facetime with my girls. Funny how they look so much better!

  6. I've had one of those mirrors for a few years. I just recently found out that if I back up a little and try not to get too close if really comes in much clearer and I can tweeze my eyebrows etc. :)
    We are what we are.
    Nice blog,
    Susie in snow buried & cold northern NY

  7. Mirror mirror on the wall
    Who is the fairest of them all
    Not you my friend came the reply
    Mirrors always make me cry

  8. I think you look just fine!

    As for the candies, we bought a small box at the checkout for 33 cents. They were the Sweetheart brand. For some reason they changed the recipe and they taste different. Kinda citrusy? Steve noticed it too.

    Oh... Steve is a York Patty nut, and they appear on the conveyor belt at the checkout by magic too.

    Karen and Steve
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