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Monday, February 25, 2013

Ho Hum Monday

I'm sure anyone out there who blogs gets spam comments.  I received one today that makes me laugh out loud.  I knew it was spam because of the subject -  Comment on your post "Cost of Surgery".  I haven't had surgery in years but often get anonymous comments with this subject.

This time I decided to take a look, and it starts out like they all do - "Your post is thoughtful and well written, but YOU COULD FIND A BETTER SUBJECT LINE!".  The caps are mine.  I didn't even write a post about surgery but someone is wasting a comment telling me that they don't like the subject???  I really don't get the point of these type of comments, unless it's merely to piss people off.

I am enjoying the old sayings some of you have sent, and there are a few I haven't ever heard before.  I have one from my mother-in-law, who was a farm girl from Central Ohio.  When someone would whine about "I want this" or "I want that" she would respond "People in hell want ice water."  When my kids were young and they started the "I want" thing, I would do my Mick Jagger act and sing to them, "You cain't always get what you wa-a-ant."  It drove them crazy, which I considered pretty good payback for having to hear their "I want".

I could never stand Mick Jagger (and still can't) but I did like that song.

Laundry day today and I have several clotheslines full, including my duvet cover.  I could do one more load but then the sun would go down before they are dry.  Tomorrow should be a nice day, maybe even better than today. 

I need to clean the paneling in the part of my living room that hasn't yet been painted.  Jeannie told me she would try to set aside a day to help me paint, and I'm thinking at least we could get the ceiling finished, and well as a couple of the short walls.  Then I could get started hanging pictures.  I still have to do something about the wall along the driveway - the paneling has to be ripped out and replaced, and then painted.  But if I'm ripping out paneling I also need to replace the window at the same time.  I HATE to spend the money it's going to require especially when I'm trying to get a few dollars set aside for my travels this year.  Unlike when I had an RV and worked at Lassen for the summer in 2009, I now have rent to pay year around so I won't come out ahead money-wise.  It's always something, isn't it.  


  1. Sometimes saying backfire a little. My wife used to tell our boys when they were young to finish the food on their plate cause "people all over the world are starving". The boys would just remark, "then send it to them". Then they got in trouble!! (grin).

  2. When we were kids and would whine in unison with our cousins at the back door of Grandma's house "We're Thirsty" ... our moms would hollar back out at us "DRINK YOUR SPIT!"

    hahahaha it was usually because they were having a woman gab fest inside and us 12 kids would be outside clamoring with any excuse ot go back in the house. We would have to resort to drinking out of the garden hose. LOL

    Karen and Steveio
    RVing: This Country Is Our Big Backyard

  3. LOL... I sang O Sole Mio ... to get my crew to do my bidding.. it got to where all I had to do is lean my head back and start with OHHHH... they'd scatter... tell 'em for days to do their chores...

    This BTW was my little son to my stepson to my husband... I had three sons.... SIGH

    I like "I can't get noooo Satis fact tion ... " love that song... he's always been hard to look at ... preferred looking at Rod Stewart... and well, his songs too... Do ya think I'm Sexy and ... wup! feel a YouTube coming on...

  4. I love clothes hung out on the line mmmmm they smell so good. I hang out my clothes in the summer all the time, but in the RV can't do it as much, will miss that.
    Love the sayings you received also.
    There are lots of them out there.

  5. My mother always proclaimed, " You need to wash all four of your cheeks everyday!"